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Dr. Marvin Creamer

Dr. Marvin Creamer

Dr. Marvin Creamer, founder and "patron saint" of the Geography Department at Glassboro State College, is a standout even among the talented faculty who have graced our halls over the years. He is known and celebrated all over the world by realizing a dream he first had when he was 17: sailing around the world without any navigation equipment. No compass. No sextant. Not even a watch. All he had to guide him were the stars, wind, and water currents -- and his incredible knowledge of the earth and how it worked.

Always a hands-on guy, he built his home in Glassboro while performing all his college-related duties. Shortly after his retirement, he realized his long-postponed dream with the purchase of his 36-foot Globe Star and signing up a crew. He had already made several trans-Atlantic crossings without instruments and had thoroughly prepared for the rest of his trip. He set out from Cape May, NJ on December 21, 1982 and, with several long layovers to rest and refit the boat, returned triumphantly on May 18, 1984. His epic trip has been written about by many, most recently a major German sailing publication. As far as anyone knows, he is the only person who has ever done this.

Now 97, he continues his active life and has been known to sail a bit. And you can meet and converse with this international celebrity on March 23.

Upcoming Event: A Voyage with Marvin Creamer

Please join us in welcoming Dr. Marvin Creamer – still an active sailor at 97 – as he brings his epic voyage full circle. Take part in the celebrations on Saturday, March 23rd as he charts the course of his historic journey and the amazing events that occurred on this 30th year anniversary of his voyage.

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Event Details
Date: Saturday, March 23, 2013
Location: The River Winds Restaurant, West Deptford, NJ.
VIP Reception & Luncheon 11:00am to 4:00pm. Limited to 40 guests. $100 per person. Private, open bar reception with Dr. Creamer from 11am to noon, followed by the luncheon.
Luncheon Only Noon to 4:00pm. $65 per person. Enjoy hors d'oeuvres and mingling before the luncheon, with your choice of four entrees: grilled salmon, NY strip steak, pasta primavera, chicken saltimbocca. (Entree orders taken at the event.)

For more information, please visit the Voyage with Marvin Creamer event page.