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Geography & Environment: Our Facilities

The Department of Geography and Environment has several classrooms and its primary office space on the third floor of Robinson Hall.

Robinson 302 is our 24-seat instructional computer lab. Courses not requiring the use of the computers are capped at 48 students.

Robinson 306

Robinson 306 is our lecture room with "smart" classroom capabilities. Both Robinson 302 and 306 have a networked computer in the lecturer's podium connected to an A/V system and overhead projector. Both rooms also have "clickers" allowing students to provide real-time feedback on a discussion or quiz through the use of handheld RF remotes.

Geography Department Computer Lab

Geography and Environment also has its own 13-seat computer lab for its majors. The computers in Robinson 302 and the Geography Lab have a custom Windows 7 image that includes the latest ArcGIS 10 software, ERDAS Imagine, SketchUp, Google Earth, SPSS and other software relevant to our students' instruction.

Robinson 301 is dedicated to the Geospatial Research Lab and is restricted to select students working on research.