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Geography & Environment: Faculty & Staff

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Patrick Crumrine - Chair

John Hasse

Zachary Christman

Jordan Howell

Charles McGlynn

Jennifer Kitson

Mahbubar Meenar


Mark Corbalis

Richard Federman

George Hakun

Maryam Karimi

Christine Nolan

Judy Okun


Steve Berg

Bryce Carmichael

Hannah Jacobson

Katrina McCarthy Shand

Suzanne McCarthy

Laura Ruthig

Harold Thompson


Denise LeMaire

Richard Scott


Christopher Badurek

Mitch Cron

Megan Bucknum Ferrigno

Robert Flanagan

Andre Graves

Paul Hanley

Louis Joyce

Andrew Levecchia

Robert Lewandowski

Michael Ontko

Christopher Pollard

Christa Pullion

Wayne Zanni


Associate Professor / Chair / Co-director Environmental Studies
Ph.D. in Biology from U. of Kentucky, 2003
856.256.4500 x3123
Science Hall 256A, Lab 244

Dr. Crumrine is an Associate Professor in both, the Department of Geography and Environment and the Department of Biological Sciences. He earned his B.S. in Biology in 1998 from SUNY Plattsburgh and his Ph.D. in Biology from the University of Kentucky in 2003. He is an ecologist and the primary focus of his research is to understand how size-structure influences competition and predation among aquatic insects. Other research interests include disease ecology of amphibians and population/community structure of aquatic turtles. Most of his work is conducted in small ponds and wetlands in the mid-Atlantic region of the United States.


Professor / Director of GeoLab
Ph.D. Rutgers, 2002
Robinson Hall 315G

John Hasse is the chair of the department of Geography & Environment and founder/director of the Geospatial Research Laboratory which is the department's hub for funded projects and community outreach activities. Since 2009 the "GeoLab" has conducted over $2M in externally funded projects. Hasse's research focuses on land development pattern and associated land resource impacts, smart growth planning evaluation and the nexus of land use, transportation and sustainability. Hasse has been involved in community development activities in the state, visualization of the impacts of sprawl and has testified as an expert witness. Since joining the department in 2001 Hasse has taught and developed/overhauled many of the department's courses in planning, GIS and introductory geography. Hasse's most recent teaching interest involves integrating the concepts of Big History as a unifying theme across the department's Gen Ed courses.


Assistant Professor / Director GIS Program
Ph.D. Clark U. Graduate School of Geography 2010
Robinson Hall 315B

Dr. Christman specializes in the application of geospatial analytical methods to understand human-environment systems, on topics including land systems science, health geography, and spatial uncertainty. He has active research projects in Chiapas, Mexico, the Yucatan Peninsula, New Jersey, and the Greater Philadelphia region. He currently teaches Intro to Mapping and Geographic Information Science, Geospatial Modeling, Remote Sensing of Environment, Cartography and Digital Image Processing.


Assistant Professor
Ph.D. in Geography from Michigan State U., 2013
856-256-4500 x4831
Robinson Hall 315C

Dr. Howell is an Assistant Professor in the Dept. of Geography & Environment at Rowan University. Before Michigan State University, he attended the College of William & Mary where he earned a B.A. in Anthropology in 2008. He is a geographer examining solid waste and energy issues in North America and Hawai’i. His work is interdisciplinary, drawing from geography, environmental history, science and technology studies (STS), and environmental sociology.


Instructor - Tenure Track
Ph.D., Rutgers U., 2011
Robinson Hall 315A

Dr. McGlynn's research area of interest is in water resources and planning and his dissertation involved fieldwork on saltwater intrusion and groundwater contamination in Cebu City, Philippines. He has presented his research at the American Association of Geographers annual meeting.

He came to Rowan University after a career in the airline industry where he managed for two US majors. Dr. McGlynn has been the recipient of several awards and honors including the National Geographic Society Award for Excellence of Scholarship, Rowan University’s Wall of Fame and Teaching with Technology awards.

He is active in his community as a coach, mentor and as a member of the Monroe Township Open Space Committee. Dr. McGlynn is also the treasurer of the Delaware Valley Geographical Association. He is married with six children, including two that are currently enrolled at Rowan University.


Assistant Professor
Ph.D. in Geography from Arizona State U., 2013
Robinson Hall 315D

Dr. Kitson is an urban, cultural geographer interested in the senses and the city, sustainable urbanism, historic preservation, and the study of public life and space. Her research explores the role of embodied experience in the making of happy, healthy, and hospitable cities. Her ongoing project in sensual urbanism investigates the micropolitics of different sensory modalities, practices, and spaces. Jen currently teaches courses in cultural and urban geography and environmental/sustainable planning.


Assistant Professor
Ph.D. in Geography & Urban Studies from Temple University, 2014
Robinson Hall 315C

Dr. Meenar is an Assistant Professor of Planning in the Department of Geography & Environment at Rowan University. He examines the connection between spatial and human dimensions in developing plans for sustainable communities, focusing on the nexus of land, water, and food. His research interests also include the use of geo-spatial and other digital technologies in participatory spatial planning. His work has been published in leading journals, including Journal of Planning Literature, Landscape and Urban Planning, and Environmental Management. Dr. Meenar currently teaches Geovisualization and Community Planning & Site Design. Prior to joining Rowan University, he served as a GIS specialist, researcher, and educator at Temple University’s Center for Sustainable Communities for more than a decade. Dr. Meenar has received research grants from federal, state, and local governments, and nonprofit organizations. Currently, he is the principal investigator of a Brownfields area-wide planning project, funded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.



3/4 Faculty /Student Club Advisor
MS in Environmental Science & Policy from Johns Hopkins U.,
Robinson Hall 315E

Dr. Federman has been at Rowan for 7 years now specializing in Physical & Human Geography. The main attributes he brings to teaching that he is most proud of are passion and enthusiasm!


Adjunct Faculty


PhD, MPA The Graduate Center, City U. of NY
Robinson Hall 315E

Maryam Karimi is a faculty/researcher at Rowan University. Her teaching interests are geology, earth science, climatology, environmental science, and world regional Geography. She is finishing up her PhD in Earth and Environmental Science at the City University of New York while collaborating with the NOAA CREST Institute. She received a Master’s degree in Public Administration and Policy from Baruch College of Public Affairs in 2010. Her research interests are: Impacts of urban heat island on land cover and human health, pollution impact on human health in congested cities, preparing cities and policy makers for climate change, Geospatial analysis and GIS application in urban systems. She has published in peer reviewed journals such as The International Journal of Constructed Environments and Journal of Urban Environment and Engineering. She has presented her work at national and international conferences and has been interviewed by PIX11 News. She has written textbook chapter on Environmental Science Issue and has completed a book chapter with Sage Publishing. Her work has been funded by NOAA and DOT.


M.A. from NYU 1990 in Environmental Conservation; M.A from Villanova U. in 2011 in History
Robinson Hall 315D

My love of geography began with the many cross-country road trips I've taken and I was enthralled with the American West, national parks and issues surrounding them. That led to graduate school and a combined interest in the environment, geography and history, and how the three intersect. I am very interested in the history and environmental consequences of exploration, water issues in the American Southwest, geography of language, population geography of Europe, and the ways that public health issues have affecting populations in the past and present.


Computer Support Specialist
M.A. in Geography, East Carolina U.
Robinson Hall

Bryce Carmichael is a proud graduate of Elizabeth City State University, majoring in Computer Science. His interest in geospatial technology and environmental research led him to East Carolina University, where he received a M.A. in Geography. Prior to joining the department, Bryce worked as technology teacher for the Trenton Public Schools, and has served as an adjunct professor for both Rutgers University and Burlington County Community College.


Environmental Program Advisor
M.A. Geography from U. of Delaware, 2014

Hannah's primary interests are in human-environment interactions, Geographic Information Systems and Environmental Science. She currently oversees the environmental internship program Rowan University has in partnership with the New Jersey Army National Guard.


Research Associate
BA in Geography from Rowan U., 2009

Katrina focuses on educational geospatial project management and is interested in tackling environmental issues through GIS. She is currently working on NJ MAP (, a municipally focused interactive map developed for better decision making in the Garden State. She currently lives in central New Jersey and oversees research projects at the Geospatial Research Laboratory.



Administrative Assistant
BA in Geography from Rowan U., 1996
Robinson Hall 315I

Laura's interests include classical music, especially opera, World War II history and studying the cosmos.


Academic Advisor
M.A., Student Personnel Services, Rowan U., Glassboro, NJ 1998
Robinson Hall 316D

Harold has over 18 years of experience in undergraduate/graduate academic advising, career counseling and co-operative education. He advises Geography & Environment students about academic requirements, tracks students’ academic progress and fosters awareness of University resources to promote academic success.


Professor Emeritus


Professor Emeritus


Adjunct Faculty


Adjunct Faculty
M.S. Applied Geosciences, U. of Pennsylvania, 2013

Mitch Cron is a project manager with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), where he has worked since 2002. He specializes in environmental investigation and cleanup. Prior to the EPA, Mitch served as a Peace Corps volunteer in West Africa focusing on water resource development. His current interests are: local folklore and history.


Adjunct Faculty
M.A. in Urban and Environmental Planning from the U. of Virginia
Robinson Hall 315E

Professor Bucknum is a Food Systems Planner located in Philadelphia, PA. Her vocational background spans a wide range of business structures – from non-profit to social enterprises – and includes experiences in research, project management, consulting and farming. Megan has held staff positions at Philly CowShare, The Food Trust, Fair Food Philadelphia and the Wallace Center at Winrock International and was a contributing author of the book Reclaiming Our Food: How the Grassroots Food Movement is Changing the Way We Eat and Building Successful Food Hubs. She is a food systems specialist for New Venture Advisors and assists with the Food Hub Management Certificate program at the University of Vermont.

Her current interests are: Food Systems Planner, Urban Redevelopment, Food Systems and Sustainable Communities. In her teaching style, she tries to be collaborative, practical and interactive.


Adjunct Faculty
B.A. Geography: Central Connecticut State University, 1973
M.A. Slavic Area Studies: University of Kansas, 1975
M.L.S. Library Science: Emporia State University, 1976​

Bob is locovoracious, interested in the relationship between person and place as well as the place of the symbolic and imaginal life in the day-to-day living of the human person. From that has developed an interest in local history, little Big Histories, local and regional geographies, genealogical migration, as well as in how "localness" is connected to Big History as a framework for understanding geography. A belief in the importance of "localness" has also resulted in an interest in walking as the fundamental experience of the person's place in the world. A further interest is in the role of human consciousness in the issues associated with the Anthropocene.​


Adjunct Faculty
M.A. in Urban Planning, U. Buffalo, 2005

Andre Graves received a Masters in Urban Planning from the University of Buffalo in 2005 and is a Ph.D abd in economic geography. He is an urbanist who has consulted on various community development projects and began teaching urban planning and geography classes in the State University of New York system in 2008. His research interests are focused on economic development, and in particular the "shrinking cities" phenomenon.


Adjunct Faculty
M.A. in Geography & Urban Studies, Temple U.

Professor Hanley's teaching style weaves together the interplay between the human and natural world in a way which is both engaging and relevant to students. He is experienced in diverse aspects of sustainability, such as energy efficiency and natural resource issues, air pollution and climate, health & wellness, food & nutrition, and green living. He also writes extensively on a variety of sustainability and environmental matters. His teaching style is dynamic, interactive and passionate.

Articles: Shale Gas Remains Controversial and Abundant Energy Source; Sustainability Is the Answer… but What Was the Question?; The Black Run Preserve: A Suburban Pinelands Oasis

Paul Hanley's Health and Wellness Article Series


Adjunct Faculty
Masters Degree from Rowan in 1977.
Robinson Hall 315H

Mr. Joyce instructs classes in NJ Planning Practice and Environmental Impact Assessment. He is a licensed Professional Planner in New Jersey and a member of the Americant Institute of Certified Planners. He has served as the Planning Director for Salem County, NJ. Mr. Joyce has been recognized as expert in the planning field for testimony before local planning boards, and the Superior Court of NJ. His areas of expertise include zoning, economic development, environmental planning, master plans and redevelopment. He is currently a member of the Rowan Alumni Association Board.


Adjunct Faculty
M.A. in Public Administration; Geography/Cartography/Planning from Rutgers U.

While at Rutgers University, Mr. Levecchia was awarded a fellowship from the Walter Rand Institute for Public Affairs and studied land use and urban planning in the City of Camden. Andrew earned a Bachelor’s in Geography from Rowan University and has returned as an adjunct faculty member in the Geography Department. Andrew holds a Professional Planners license from the State of NJ and has been a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners since 2011.


Adjunct Faculty
M.A. in Government Administration, U. of Pennsylvania, ‘97

Rob Lewandowski teaches Political Geography at Rowan University and works on economic development and labor issues for the New Jersey Laborers’ – Employers’ Cooperation and Education Trust (NJ LECET). Rob received his Masters in Government Administration at the University of Pennsylvania’s Fels Institute of Government where he was a Samuel Fels Fellow. He is a magna cum laude graduate of Rowan University where he received his graduating class’ Outstanding Senior Award. His service to his alma mater also includes serving as president of the Rowan University Alumni Association and as a member of the university’s foundation board. A 2010 LeadNJ fellow, Rob is deeply involved in civic and government affairs. He currently serves on the Collingswood Board of Education and previously served on its planning board.


Adjunct Faculty

Christine Nolan is the Executive Director of the South Jersey Land & Water Trust and has been with the organization since 2003. She has a degree in Geography & Environmental Studies from UCLA. Christine also serves as an adjunct professor of Geography at Rowan University and has served on her municipality’s Environmental Commission and Open Space Committee. She enjoys quilting, photography and travel in her free time.


Adjunct Faculty


Adjunct Faculty
Master of Science from U. of Pennsylvania

Professor Pullion teaches Environmental and Human Geography courses at Rowan. She has been passionate about cultures, languages and the environment since she was very young. She majored in Global Studies and International Politics and then went on to earn her Master’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania. Christa is bilingual, having grown up speaking German and English. In addition to Geography, she teaches History and German courses at the college level. She is very involved in both leadership and scoring of the Praxis Exams, AP Exams and SATs. Christa loves traveling to learn about new countries and cultures, bringing the experiences into her classroom. Christa Pullion truly enjoys teaching and can be described as dedicated and enthusiastic.


Senior Adjunct Faculty
M.A.L.S.; Thomas Edison University; 2007

Mr. Zanni is a career educator and a Geography aficionado. He has taught students from remedial to gifted levels, of all ages from elementary to adult. That tenure includes teaching Geography, History, English, Reading, and Legislative-bill writing. Additional experience includes testing coordinator; summer-school testing director; and assistant varsity coach for high school baseball, softball, and basketball. After completing more than twenty years of public school educating, Mr. Zanni performed volunteer construction work in Latin America. Soon after, he relocated his geo-devotion to the classrooms of several southern New Jersey community colleges. He is working with federal and state legislators for the New Jersey Geographic Alliance in his roles as Chair of the Advisory Board and Director of Policy Planning for the promotion of teaching geography as a stand-alone full-year course in New Jersey’s public schools. Every semester since fall 2008, Mr. Zanni has been sharing his understanding of how the natural and cultural landscape of the World shape our lives through various human geography courses at Rowan.