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Geography & Environment: Students & Alumni

Get involved with Geography & Environment

Join Geography Club to get involved with interesting geography projects at Rowan University and around the region. Anyone interested in joining should contact Sarah Fuhrmeister.

Join Rowan Environmental Action League (REAL) - a student run group that aims to increase awareness of environmental issues across Rowan University's campus and throughout Glassboro. REAL was formerly called GEO, a name that dates back to Glassboro State College. Join them to work on service projects ranging from the stream cleanup project here on Rowans campus to helping out the local animal shelter.

Congratulations to the Class of 2013!

The Department of Geography & Environment would like to congratulate our Class of 2013. There are 40 students graduating this spring and we are very proud of this dynamic group of young geographers and environmentalists!

From our four degree programs we have:


  • Joshua Case
  • Paul Campbell
  • Daniel Carazas
  • Alison Dutch
  • Michael Dorata
  • Christopher Edwards
  • Suzanne Flynn
  • Anthony Freda
  • Sean Halucha
  • Kate McParland
  • Heather Merring
  • Erich Moen
  • Shannon Murphy
  • Alexis Palombo
  • Lauren Poulson
  • Andrea Racz
  • Theresa Ziegler


  • Kyle Crawford
  • Daniel Oliva
  • Chelsey Van Heest
  • John Zuniga


  • Justin Agans
  • Jill Lela Burgy
  • Robert Carolan
  • Jonathan Cohl
  • Christopher Fleischmann
  • Kyle Gendron
  • Joshua Hitchner
  • Christopher Marinello
  • Ryan McNulla
  • David Mullan
  • Sandra Muoio
  • Shannon Murphy
  • Melanie Osworth
  • Gabrielle Perazzo
  • Corey Petitt
  • Thalya Reyes
  • Ryan Reynics
  • Ryan Schultz
  • Chelsey Van Heest
  • Eric Zimmermann


  • Eric Zimmermann
  • Lew Bivona

Rowan University CommencementCongratulations to all students on the wonderful achievement of graduation. We thank you for contributing to the success of our department and encourage you to continue living our motto: to understand the world, protect the environment and create a sustainable future.

Awards & Honors

The department would also like to congratulate the following 2014 award winners:

Miss Maria Marchi - College of Humanities and Social Science Seniors of Distinction Award

Miss Francesca Mundrick - Gregg Kaulfers scholarship

Miss Kelsey Wright - Medallion Award for outstanding Environmental Studies major

Miss Shannon Reed -Medallion for GIS Excellence – Sponsored by Richard Scott

Mr. Raymond Inzitari - Marius Livingston Outstanding Junior

Mr. Francis Accardo - Marvin Creamer Scholarship

The Delaware Valley Geography Association awards were also presented to:

Miss Megan Pierman - Outstanding Geography student

Mr. Michael Pluta - Outstanding Planning student

Miss Shannon Reed - Outstanding GIS student

Miss Jessica Lloyd - Outstanding Geography & Education student

Alumni Profiles

Our Geography and Environmental Studies graduates are employed in a variety of exciting professions throughout the country. Below are just a few examples of our successful alumni:

  • Tim Brill works for the Department of environmental protection, where he uses geographical information systems to help identify farm parcels that are best suited for preservation under the State of New Jersey's farmland preservation program.
  • Professor Kenneth Lacovera teaches geology at Drexel University in Philadelphia. For his research, he travels the world in search of dinosaur fossils. His work has taken him to Egypt, China, and Argentina. He is noted for having found the second largest dinosaur ever discovered.
  • Kara Jo Witkowski is a marketing manager for ALK Associates, a company that produces software that aids trucking companies in finding the shortest, most fuel-efficient routes for use in delivering their shipments.
  • Andy Rosen is president of a company that does market research and data tabulation. For his hobby, he travels the world in search of the ideal site for scuba diving.
  • Don Evans spends his days working to ensure that our children and we will live in a world with cleaner air and cleaner water.