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Geography & Environment: Events

Geo-Trash Clue #4


"Trash out the window, trash on the ground
A culture that litters, can we turn it around?
Make less waste where you can, recycle if you care,
Clean up your campus as if your children will play there
Take a quick class vacation
To find the GeoTrash 4 location

-75.1227 [dms 75* 7' 21.7"W]
39.7091 [dms 39* 42' 32.6"N]

Notice and contemplate the litter that's there
How might you improve the campus we share?"

Geo-Trash Clue #3

"Landfill or burn the stuff in dumpsters green
Blue dumpsters better- to recycle the waste stream
Don't be subordinate - go to the coordinate
-75.1252 [dms 75* 7' 30.7"W] 39.7109 [dms 39* 42' 39.4N]
And you will find:
Tucked behind where the Catawba beans hang down
the capsule with Cache three is waiting to be found"

Geo-Trash Clue #2

"Rowan is Growing but building is not waste-free
Each year we landfill 9 million trash trucks of Construction Debris
Take this advice and follow your device to:
-75.1135 [75* 6' 48.6"] 39.7086 [39* 42' 30.95"]
Peek through the fence to get a dorm building preview
Look down at your feet for cache number two!"

Geo-Trash Clue #1

“You are what you eat, but don’ take too much in haste.
The average American leaves 250 lbs of yearly food waste."

Go to 75 7’ 2.0”, 39 42’ 30.5” [-75.1172, 39.7085] to find cache number one,
Look near the tree to begin GeoTrash fun.

Talking Trash: Highlighting Trash Awareness

John Hasse - Chair, The Department of Geography & Environment

Garbology, this year's Rowan Common Reading, has shed a spotlight on a topic that usually gets little thought -TRASH- the leftover stuff that we no longer want. Our disposable society has been accustomed to a mentality of "toss it and forget it".

But ask any Geography & Environment major, and they'll tell you that we talk trash all the time. Studying trash is one of the most fascinating windows through which to view society. The waste people produce is a history book, a wealth of information about how we live and what we value. Your solid waste footprint is one of the most significant impacts that you will make to the environment throughout your life; it will be around for thousands of years after you toss your last Starbucks cup. The amount of waste that our species produces is accumulating at a rate significant on a geologic scale.

Deciding what to do with our waste and anticipating future trends in waste management is the central focus of our Rowan Solid Waste Laboratory (or, RSWL). The director of RSWL, G&E assistant professor Dr. Jordan Howell, is one of the leading researchers on waste management. Dr. Howell's research is helping to build a better understanding of the way we manage our unwanted stuff. Dr. Howell's work explores changing solid waste trends and prospects for a more sustainable system of waste management, in New Jersey and across the US.

Geo-Trashing: Scavenger Hunt

Cache + Trash = $$$

In conjunction with R U Reading Together common reading program, the Department of Geography & Environment is hosting a campus-wide “Geo-Trashing” event. "Geo-Trashing" will mimic geocaching techniques allowing students to explore Main Campus looking for clues related to current trash topics. Beginning October 5th, Rowan University students will be able to use their smart phones or hand held GPS units to explore a list of coordinate points on campus. A capsule with map pieces will be hidden in four locations. Students, over the course of the week, will be able to assemble a complete map related to trash in New Jersey...and qualify to win prizes!

Get Trashed with Geography & Environment:

Each day, a clue will be released at 10am during Trash Week (October 5th through 9th). A collage of photos, clues, and coordinate points will hint to location of each hidden container. Look for the clues the clues on our department homepage and also on our Instagram account (@RUGeoEnvironment), and Facebook Group.

Each day, students will locate a hidden Geo-Trash capsule on campus. Each capsule contains a different map quadrant. By geolocating a new capsule each day, students will able to complete the scavenger hunt and qualify to win prizes.

Participating: Students who complete the Geo-Trashing requirements can enter the Instagram raffle, where you could win one of three $25 gift cards to the campus Barnes & Noble store.

Submission: Geo-Trashing will begin with the first clue released on 10 am Monday, October 5, 2015. When you have completed your map after collecting all the sections, take a photo with your completed map and submit it to the Passport Program or the Instagram raffle.

Instagram raffle Instructions: For entry into the contest, 1) follow Dept. of Geography & Environment Instagram account @RUGeoEnvironment; 2) upload a selfie of you with your completed map to Instagram by midnight on 10/9, using the hashtag #rowantrashweek2015. We will choose winners randomly from the pool of eligible entries and notify winners by directly messaging them on Instagram from the Dept. of Geography & Environment account.

Trash Links

Rowan Solid Waste Lab:
NJ Dept. of Environmental Protection Solid & Hazardous Waste Program:
US Environmental Protection Agency Municipal Solid Waste Program:
Sustainable Jersey: