On-Line Course Syllabus
Fall 2012

It is a great pity that every human being does not, at an early stage of his life, have to write a historical work.  He would then realize that the human race is in quite a jam about truth.  ~Rebecca West         


Dr. Corinne Blake
Historical Methods


Dr. Emily Blanck    
Intellectual History    Historical  Methods


Dr. Kelly Duke-Bryant    
Sub-Saharan Africa to 1800 Global Proseminar-African Law  Seminar in History 


Dr. William Carrigan  
US History to 1865-RS  History of New Jersey    

Dr. Jayne Morris-Crowther

US History to 1865                                US History to 1865  

Ex-Credit 1776                Amistad                

Dr. Lawrence DeVaro

US History to 1865(2 sections)              

Dr. Hugh Donahue

US History to1865                      US History to 1865-Camden

Dr. Robert Eastwick

West Civ to 1660                          West Civ Since 1660

Dr. Katherine Gray    
US History to 1865 Colonial North America   


Skylar Harris

  US History to 1865(2 sections)                                   

Dr. James Heinzen  
Historical Methods Seminar in History 


Dr. Robert Hohwald

        West Civ to 1660-(2 Sections)

Dr. John Kennedy

   World History After 1500                          

Dr. Vance Kincade

US History to 1865-(2 sections)     

Dr. Lee Kress    
History of World War II    Seminar in History


Laurie Lahey
   America Since 1945

Dr. Janet Lindman  
HHistorical Methods Seminar in History

Dr. Mark Luccioni  
US History to 1865 US History After 1865



Dr. Scott Morschauser    
West Civ to 1660-CLIO Ancient Egypt  Reading Research History I



Dr. Stephen Nepa

World History After 1500 (2 sections)

Anthony Nardini

    West Civ to 1660-9:25                                    West Civ to 1660-12:15

Dr. Chanelle Rose    
African American History to 1865-T African American History to 1865-R Civil Rights Movement


  Andrew Angus-Smith

     West Civ Since 1660 (2 sections)

Dr.  Edward Wang    
Modern Japan Chinese Cultural History Seminar in History


Dr. Joy Wiltenburg
Age of Enlightenment

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