On-Line Course Syllabus
Spring 2013

It is a great pity that every human being does not, at an early stage of his life, have to write a historical work.  He would then realize that the human race is in quite a jam about truth.  ~Rebecca West         

   Dr. Corinne Blake

Arab-Israeli Conflict                Islamic Civilization    


Dr. Kelly Duke-Bryant    
Sub-Saharan Africa Since 1800 Global Proseminar-Family in Africa World History After 1500


Dr. William Carrigan  
Civil War & Reconst Historical Methods

Dr. Jayne Morris-Crowther

US History Since 1865-3                                US History Since 1865-9

Dr. Lawrence DeVaro

US History to 1865(2 sections)              

Dr. Hugh Donahue

US History Since1865                      US History Since 1865-Camden

Dr. Robert Eastwick

West Civ to 1660(2 Sections)                      

Dr. Katherine Gray    
Historical Methods-8am Historical Methods-145pm  Amer Rev Early Republic

Skylar Harris

  US History Since 1865(2 sections)  


Dr. Robert Hohwald

        West Civ Since 1660-(2 Sections)

Dr. John Kennedy

   World History After 1500 (2 sections                          

Dr. Vance Kincade

US History Since 1865-(2 sections)     

Dr. Melissa Klapper    
America from War to War Proseminar: Youth and Family in America Internship in History


Dr. Laurie Lahey
   Proseminar: Immigration


Dr. Jennifer Lawrence
Proseminar: Public History


Dr. Janet Lindman  
Seminar in History  Colloquium in American History

Dr. Mark Luccioni
US History Since1865



Dr. Scott Morschauser    
Historical Methods Proseminar: The Crusades Seminar in History



Dr. Stephen Nepa  
US History Since 1865-M US History Since 1865-MW


Anthony Nardini

West Civ Since 1660

Dr. Stephanie Opperman

   Latin American Revolutions and Reforms                                   

Dr. Chanelle Rose    
African American History Since 1865 Historical Methods Proseminar: 60"s


Dr. Katherine Turner

     US History Since 1865

Dr.  Edward Wang    
Modern China Race, Identity in E. Asia Seminar in History


Dr. Joy Wiltenburg
Proseminar: Witch Hunt

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