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Academic Programs

The Law and Justice Studies program prepares students for professional careers in four major areas: law enforcement and security services, court services, corrections, and human services. Since many of the students who enter the program express an interest in preparation for graduate study and professional schools, the program also offers majors the rigorous preparation necessary to achieve such goals. An internship in an appropriate criminal justice or related agency is required in order to provide students with experience, making their class work more meaningful.

Bachelor of Arts in Law and Justice Studies

Course Requirements:

The Bachelor of Arts in Law and Justice Studies requires a total of 120 semester hours consisting of 31 semester hours of general education requirements, 12 semester hours of Rowan Experience courses, 23 semester hours of general education electives, 18 non-major requirements, and 36 semester hours of Law and Justice requirements. All Law and Justice majors must earn a C- or better in all Rowan Experience courses, all required non-major courses, and all Law and Justice requirements.

Students can access the Law and Justice Studies Department Program Guide here.

To fulfill the 36 semester hours (s.h.) of Law and Justice requirements, students must take:

A. Required Courses (24 s.h.)

Any ONE of the following:

  • LAWJ 05.202 American Police
  • LAWJ 05.201 Introduction to Courts
  • LAWJ 05.200 Introduction to Corrections
ALL of the following:
  • LAWJ 05.175 Survey of Criminal Justice
  • LAWJ 05.255 Criminal Law
  • LAWJ 05.369 Theories of Crime & Criminality -[See Prerequisite 1]
  • LAWJ 05.380 Criminal Justice Research - [See Prerequisite 2]
  • LAWJ 05.356 Criminal Justice Internship - [See Prerequisite 3]
  • LAWJ 05.401 Law and Human Rights (MC/G) - [See Prerequisite 1]
  • LAWJ 05.400's Seminar (Writing Intensive) - [See Prerequisite 4]
  1. Course Prerequisite: Survey of Criminal Justice (05.175) and any other 6 Law & Justice credits
  2. Course Prerequisite: Theories of Crime (05.369)
  3. Course Prerequisites: 24 s.h. (8 courses) in Law & Justice Studies & College Comp II
  4. Course Prerequisites: College Comp II (ENGL 01.112), Survey of Criminal Justice (LAWJ 05.275), Criminal Law (LAWJ 05.255), and Criminal Justice Research (LAWJ 05.380)

B. Law and Justice Studies Electives (12 Required s.h.)

Law & Justice Studies majors must take at least 12 s.h. in Law and Justice Studies electives from the following:


  • LAWJ 05.120 Introduction to Security
  • LAWJ 05.285 Criminal Investigation
  • LAWJ 05.290 Forensic Law
  • LAWJ 05.320 Civil Aspects of Law Enforcement


  • LAWJ 05.324 Sentencing & Rights of Convicted
  • LAWJ 05.276 Parole, Probation & Community Corrections
  • LAWJ 05.337 Treatment of the Offender
  • LAWJ 05.342 Counseling & Guidance of the Offenders
  • LAWJ 05.395 The Incarceration Experience


  • LAWJ 05.305 Law and Evidence
  • LAWJ 05.310 Criminal Jurisprudence
  • LAWJ 05.335 Criminal Procedure I
  • LAWJ 05.312 Criminal Procedure II
  • LAWJ 05.290 Forensic Law

Social Justice

  • LAWJ 05.205 Minorities, Crime, & Criminal Justice
  • LAWJ 05.274 Criminal Justice & Community Relations
  • LAWJ 05.315 Criminal Justice & Social Conflict
  • LAWJ 05.330 Problems in World Justice
  • LAWJ 05.346 Women, Crime & Criminal Justice
  • LAWJ 05.379 The Political Prisoner
  • LAWJ 05.384 Hate Groups/Hate Crimes

Additional Law and Justice Courses

  • LAWJ 05.210 Restorative Justice
  • LAWJ 05.220 Victimology
  • LAWJ 05.322 Illegal Drugs & Crim in America
  • LAWJ 05.392 Criminal Justice Administration
  • LAWJ 05.415 Selected Topics in Criminal Justice
  • LAWJ 05.361 Introduction to Juvenile Justice
  • LAWJ 05.325 Comparative Criminal Justice
  • LAWJ 05.323 Maritime Crime
  • LAWJ 05.250 Scholarship of Criminal Justice

NOTE: Internships can be taken for 6 s.h.(as Criminal Justice Intership I and Criminal Justice Intership II) and the extra 3 s.h. can be used as Law and Justice Studies or Outside Free Electives.

For more details on the requirements for the B.A. major in Law and Justice Studies, including information on the 84 remainaing semester hours of general education requirements, Rowan Experience courses, general education electives, and non-major requirements, see the Undergraduate Catalog.


Minor in Law and Justice Studies

Course Requirements:

A minor consisting of 21 s.h. in Law and Justice Studies is available to all students. All students minoring in Law and Justice Studies must take the following classes:

  • LAWJ05.175 Survey of Criminal Justice
  • LAWJ05.369 Theories of Crime and Criminality
  • LAWJ05.255 Criminal Law

In addition, students must take any four additional Law & Justice Studies courses. Students must earn a C- or better in all courses for the minor.

To delcare a minor, go to the University Advising Center, Room 323, Savitz Hall 856-256-4459.

Questions? Contact:

Mayra Arroyo (last name A-L), at 856.256.4662 or Ivelisse Silva (last name M-Z), at 856.256.5718