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Allan Y. Jiao, Ph.D.



Allan Y. Jiao received his Ph.D. in Criminal Justice from Rutgers University, Master in Public Administration from Lewis and Clark College, and BA in English from Central South University. He also completed Master's courses in Economic Law from Jinan University in China. He has published extensively in public policy, policing, and criminal justice, including refereed journal articles, books, and book chapters. Dr. Jiao served as a Senior Fulbright Scholar, a City Public Safety Committee Chair, a Fellow of a Center for Criminology, and a Research Consultant for the National Development and Research Institute and the Superior Court of New Jersey. Besides being a professor, he has engaged in research and professional services for many police organizations in the U.S. and abroad. His teaching and research interests include primarily policing, policy analysis, and comparative criminal justice issues.

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Office Hours: FALL 2015 Mon 10:45am-1:45pm


Allan Jiao has well over fifty scholarly publications mostly in the area of policing and policy analysis. Some of his more recent publications include Police Auditing: Standards and Applications (Charles C. Thomas, 2015); The Police in Hong Kong: A Contemporary View (University Press of America, 2007); Controlling Police Corruption and Misconduct: A Comparative Examination between Hong Kong and New York (Asian Journal of Criminology, 2010); Gun Incidents at the Local Level: Understanding the Demographic Variables (Criminal Justice Studies, 2013); The Eastern City Gun Project: Exploring Contextual and Operational Variables (Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology, 2014); and Developing and Analyzing a Local Gun-Case Database: The Process and Related Issues (Journal of Criminology, 2014).