Law and Justice
Master of Arts in Criminal Justice

Traditional Master of Arts in Criminal Justice


These approaches to a traditional master's degree in Criminal Justice focus on the growing emphasis on research evidence in the justice system. In this changing field, successful professionals will need to know how to use research to evaluate the effectiveness of programs aimed at preventing and controlling crime.

All students take the same six (3 credit) required courses, and can choose either:

The Thesis Track Option - students choose two (3 credit) electives and earn six credits for doing research and writing a thesis while working with experienced faculty.

The Non-Thesis Track Option - students choose four (3 credit) electives dealing with contemporary issues in the field and take a comprehensive exam after completing their coursework.

This degree prepares students for professional careers by providing an understanding of the causes of crime, the impact of law on society and contemporary issues in policing, courts and corrections.

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Dual Degree (4+1) Program allows students to earn a Bachelor of Arts in Law and Justice Studies and a Master of Arts in Criminal Justice in FIVE years!