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2012 Fu Scholarship Recepients

Since 2010 the Department of Philosophy and Religion Studies has annually awarded the Charles Wei-Hsun Fu Memorial Scholarship in World Philosophy and Religion to outstanding senior Philosophy and Religion Studies majors. In 2011 and 2012, the scholarship was awarded to two recepients each year, with $500 for each student. The scholarship is funded by the Charles Wei-Hsun Fu Foundation, a non-profit organization in California and Taiwan. The Foundation, established in memory of professor Charles Wei-Hsun Fu of Temple University, supports the development of the academic study of philosophy and religion studies in global context and perspective.

Tthe department's Annual Charles Wei-Hsun. Fu Memorial Scholarships in World Philosophy and Religion of $500 each were awarded to two senior students--Ryan Albright and Abigail Deniken.


Ryan Albright:

Ryan Albright, a native of southern New Jersey, plans to continue his philosophical and religious inquiries through writing in the genres of fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction. He hopes to reach a broader audience outside the world of academia, and his goal in this is to make the questions and concerns of philosophical and spiritual thought accessible to the common person by demystifying the language and re-shaping it to a form which the public can enjoy and learn from. He believes firmly that more can be learned from a play about Spinoza's Ethics than from the text itself if one lacks the academic training to handle it, and that goes for every text he has ever studied. Albright has been accepted to the California Institute of Integral Studies in the Consciousness, Writing, and Creative Inquiry MFA program, and he hopes in time to continue on and earn a PhD in eastern religious thought or  Gnostic Christianity.

Abigail Deniken:

Upon graduation, Abigail Deniken plans to study languages and writing in preparation for graduate school. She is also trying to pay off student loans in order to go back to school as a full time graduate student. While she was accepted into a PhD program, due to unforeseen circumstances she had to decline. She is now planning to apply for a Masters program at Seton Hall in the fall of 2012. She is truly looking forward to being back in school and bringing herself closer to her dream of teaching religion. She would not have been able to make this dream possible without the encouragement and help of the professors at the Rowan Philosophy and Religion Studies Department and the generous assistance of the Charles Fu Foundation.