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Miller Associate Professor Ellen Miller, Ph.D. Philosophy, York University, Toronto. (note the "e" after "miller")
856-256-4500 x4835

Miller’s areas of scholarly research include Philosophy of Art, Continental Philosophy, Feminist Theory (especially Feminist Ethics and Philosophy of Religion) and Ethics. At Rowan she teaches courses in Informal Logic, Ethics, Philosophy and Gender, and Social and Political Philosophy. For more information about her research, publications and current courses, click here


Associate Professor Matthew D. Lund, Ph.D. Philosophy, University of Illinois at Chicago.
856-256-4500 x4539

Lund's areas of scholarly research include Philosophy of Science, Epistemology, and the Philosophy of Psychology/ Cognitive Science. He also has interest in the History of Science, the Philosophy of Art and Literature, and Nietzsche. At Rowan he teaches Philosophy of Science, Symbolic Logic, Metalogic, Introduction to Philosophy, Epistemology, more here

Professor Dianne C. Ashton, Ph.D. Religion Studies, Temple University.
856-256-4500 x4076

Ashton's areas of scholarly research include American Judaism, women and Judaism, and religious life in America. She is currently the Editor of the scholarly journal, American Jewish History. Her most recent book is Hanukkah in America: A History (NewYork University Press, 2013). Her other publications include Rebecca Gratz: Women and Judaism in Antebellum America (Wayne State University Press,1997); Jewish Life in Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania Historical Association, 1998); and Four Centuries of Jewish Women's Spirituality (Beacon Press, 1992), co-edited with Ellen Umansky. Ashton teaches the Senior Seminar in American Studies as well as Religion in America and a variety of other courses within Religion Studies. She has also coordinated the interdisciplinary program in American Studies. You can visit the homepage for American Studies here. She listens to all kinds of music, hates winter, loves summer and claims to find archives exciting.

bauer Assistant Professor Nathan Bauer, Ph.D. Philosophy, University of Chicago.

Bauer received his PhD in philosophy from the University of Chicago in 2008. Much of his current research concerns Kant, both as a prominent figure in the history of philosophy and as a relevant guide to contemporary issues in epistemology and ethics. His broader interests include modern and ancient philosophy and the history and philosophy of science. He can be reached by email at

bauer Professor David Clowney, Ph.D. Philosophy, Temple University.
856-256-4500 4211

When not playing blues and Jazz harmonica, Clowney teaches and does scholarly research in the areas of ethics (including environmental and business ethics), aesthetics, philosophy of religion, and logic. To learn more about his courses click here.

bauer Professor Emeritus, Jim Grace, Ph.D. Religion Studies, Temple University.

Grace's areas of scholary research and teaching include the sociology of religion, with a focus on New Testament and other early Christian writings. He has just completed a manuscript entitled, FindingJesus On Your Own.  For more information on the study of the historical Jesus, Grace invites you to visit the Rutger's Religion page and the Jesus Quest page.

bauer Instructor, Edward Kazarian, Ph.D. Philosophy, Villanova University, Villanova.

Kazarian’s research is focused on 20th and 21st Century French and Francophone Philosophy, especially the work of Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari, Michel Foucault, and François Laruelle, and the relationship between philosophy and psychoanalysis during that period. He also interested in modern European thought, its relation to the history of European colonization, and the anti- and post-colonial movements that arose in response to it. Thematically, his work centers in social, political and ethical philosophy, with an emphasis on philosophies of liberation and theories of the constitution of subjectivity. And he is also interested in aesthetics and philosophical engagements with art, music and literature. He is the co-editor of Gilles Deleuze and Metaphysics (Lexington Books) and is currently co-translating François Laruelle’s Mystique non-philosophique à l’usage des contemporains (Palgrave MacMillan, under contract). More information on his scholarship can be found here. He also coordinates the Theorizing at Rowan lecture series.

bauer Assistant Professor, Bruce Paternoster, Ph.D. Philosophy, Yale University

Bruce Paternoster received his Ph.D. in 1973. After a brief period as Assistant Professor at Rutgers University, Camden, he returned to his native state of Indiana to teach at the University of Evansville. Remaining at UE for fourteen years, Paternoster left as Department Chair in 1990 to become the first full-time Assistant Dean of Glassboro State College, School of Liberal Arts and Sciences. There he participated in the exciting transition of GSC to Rowan University. In 1998, Bruce took a position at the Princeton-based Educational Testing Service, where he managed staff in a number of outcomes assessment tests, including the Major Field Tests, the Test of English for Foreign Learners (TOEFL), and the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). Teaching was never far from his mind, so when he retired from ETS in 2007, Paternoster returned to Rowan as an adjunct instructor. He currently occupies a temporary full-time position teaching courses in Philosophy of Science, World Philosophy, Symbolic Logic, and Philosophy of Medicine. His principal areas of interest and research are Plato’s uses of allegory and myth and, in general, the role played by models and metaphors in the growth of knowledge.

bauer Instructor, Julia Pizzuto-Pomaco, Ph.D. Religion Studies, University of St. Andrews, Scotland.
856-256-4500 x3049

Julia Pizzuto-Pomaco received her Ph.D. in Biblical Studies from University of St. Andrews, Scotland. She has Master's and Bachelor's Degrees in Social Work from Temple University and a Master's in Divinity from Eastern Seminary (now Palmer of Eastern University). She has taught in graduate and undergraduate programs for over 15 years in a variety of fields including Religious Studies, Spirituality and Social Work, Biblical Interpretation, Women and the Biblical text and Biblical Theology. She has presented at numerous conferences and authored a chapter in Who Killed Goliath: Reading the Bible with Heart and Mind entitled: "Unity in the Midst of Diversity: The Early Church at Rome as Reflected in Romans 16". Her research interests include Interreligious Dialogue, Women in the Biblical Text, Cultural Context and Methodology. She teaches in the Rowan-Select/Seminar Program. She teaches Religions of the World, Introduction to Bible andis currently working on a class in Interreligious Dialogue. During term time she also leads monthly discussions around issues of spirituality and dialogue and serves on Rowan's Interfaith Council.

bauer Professor, Youru (Charlie) Wang, Ph.D. Religion Studies, Temple University.
856-256-4500 x4077

Wang’s research interests include the re-interpretation of Chinese Buddhist, especially Chan/Zen, thought and early Daoist thought in contemporary contexts, and the comparative study and dialogue between Western postmodern and Chinese thought. He is the author of Linguistic Strategies in Daoist Zhuangzi and Chan Buddhism: The Other Way of Speaking (RoutledgeCurzon, 2003) and the editor of Deconstruction and the Ethical in Asian Thought (Routledge 2007). His articles have appeared in journals such as International Philosophical Quarterly, Philosophy East and West, Asian Philosophy, and Journal of Chinese Philosophy. He is a member of the editorial board for the Dao: A Journal of Comparative Philosophy published by Springer.  He teaches Religions of the World, Religions of Asia, Asian Thought, Introduction to Buddhism, Introduction to Daoism, and Select Topics in Philosophy and Religion Studies at Rowan.

bauer Assistant Professor Abe Witonsky, Ph.D. Philosophy, Temple University.
856-256-4500 x3057

Witonsky's areas of scholarly research are in philosophy of mind and logic of everyday reasoning. At Rowan he has taught Philosophy of Mind, Introduction to Philosophy, Logic of Everyday Reasoning, Symbolic Logic, Philosophy of Religion, and Philosophy of Law.


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