Philosophy & Religion Studies
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Major in Philosophy and Religion Studies

The study of philosophy and religion studies acquaints students with some of the world's great intellectual, cultural and religious traditions, equips them with skills in critical thinking, and engages them in reflection on values, ideas and practices crucial to the modern world. Students graduating with a major in these disciplines are well prepared for a variety of careers, as well as for admission to graduate study in Philosophy or in Religion Studies. They also regularly score in the top percentiles on various graduate admission tests, including the Graduate Record Examination, the Law School Admission Test, and the Graduate Management Admission Test.

The department offers an interdisciplinary Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Religion Studies, with specializations in either Philosophy or Religion Studies. All majors get a foundation in both disciplines by taking Introduction to Philosophy and Introduction to Religion Studies, and must take at least one additional course from the departmental discipline in which they are not specializing, as well as the interdisciplinary Senior Seminar in Philosophy and Religion Studies.

Other department programs include a minor in Philosophy, a minor in Philosophy and Religion Studies, a minor in Ethics, and a Philosophy with Pre-Health concentration.