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Sociology and Anthropology
Course Offerings

Lower Level

SOC08.120 Introduction to Sociology
SOC08.220 Sociology of the Family
SOC08.221 Social Problems
SOC08.223 Sociology of Social Welfare
SOC08.230 Sociology of Minority Groups
SOC08.269 Self and Society
(Note: Lower level courses usually start with number 1 or 2)

Upper Level

SOC08.320 Urban Sociology
SOC08.322 Sociology of Religion
SOC08.323 Sociology of Social Work
SOC08.325 Deviant Behavior and Social Control (WI)
SOC08.326 Socialization of the Child (WI)
SOC08.327 Comparative Education
SOC08.330 Social Stratification
SOC08.331 Classical Sociological Theory
SOC08.332 Contemporary Sociological Theory
SOC08.333 Sociology of Work
SOC08.336 Sociology of Education
SOC08.339 Sociological Practice
SOC08.340 Environment, Policy and Society
SOC08.351 Political Sociology
SOC08.353 Sociology of Complex Organizations
SOC08.370 Sociology of Women
SOC08.375 Sociological Research Methods
SOC08.376 Social Statistics
SOC08.399 Sociology of the Holocaust (WI)
SOC08.401 Human Service Organizations
SOC08.425 Senior Seminar
SOC08.431 Social Psychology of City Life
SOC08.436 Sociology of Medicine
SOC08.440 Selected Topics in Sociology
SOC08.491 Independent Study in Sociology
SOC08.493 Seminar on Gender Roles
SOC08.494 Field Experience Seminar in Sociology
SOC09.323 Sociology of Crime and Criminal Law
SOC09.333 Sociology of Punishment and Corrections
SOC15.322 Sociology of Population
(Note: Upper level courses usually start with number 3 or 4)

Graduate Level

SOC08.521 Contemporary Social Problems
(Note: Lower level graduate courses usually start with number 5)