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Sociology and Anthropology
Sociology Major Requirements
33 Credits in Sociology:
  • 2.0 overall average
  • 2.0 average in sociology
  • 15 credits at Rowan University
  • 18 credits at 300, 400, 500 level
  • Letter grades only
  • C- minimum grade
  • No more than two courses can be repeated and each of these two can be repeated no more than once
  • Required courses: Intro to Sociology; Classical Soc. Theory (preferred by Junior year); Sociological Research Methods (preferred by Junior year); Social Statistics (preferred by Junior year); Senior Seminar
Overall credits:
  • 120 total credits
  • 30 crdits overall at 300, 400, 500 level
  • Up to 10% may be P/NC
  • Maximum Community College transfer credits = 67 credits
  • Community College credits transfer in as lower-level (100, 200)
  • D Grades are not accepted. This rule applies to sociology and non-sociology courses.
To read more about the specific requirements, download the PDF by clicking here.