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Specialization in Applied Sociology

The department offers a Specialization in Applied Sociology. Sociological skills are now regarded as critical in the analysis and treatment of social problems, the assessment of community based needs and practices, and the development and evaluation of strategies for positive social change. Accordingly, the Specialization in Applied Sociology introduces students to this ever-developing subfield within the discipline and provides them with the requisite foundation to pursue careers in the human and community services industries. The specialization is restricted to Sociology Majors and consists of a total of 39 semester hours. The core, which is required of all our majors, consists of the beginning (Introductory Sociology), middle (Classical Theory, Social Statistics and Sociological Research Methods) and culminating (Senior Seminar) experiences for our students. The required courses in the specialization include the field internship course where students gain direct experience in applying sociological skills to social problems. The elective banks, consisting of both lower and upper division courses, allow students to explore in greater depth their interests in particular areas of applied sociology. Students should consult with an advisor if interested in pursuing the Specialization in Applied Sociology.

Specialization Requirements
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