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Sociology and Anthropology
Course Themes and Specializations

Though the department does not have formal curriculum tracks, courses can be taken that offer "specializations" in social organization and social change, social problems and social welfare, socialization and small group interaction, deviance, crime, law, family and sex roles as well as independent study and selected topics. The latter two course areas allow faculty and students to explore current and special areas of interest as well as add flexibility and an experimental approach to the curriculum.

Course work is supplemented and complemented by informal interactions between sociology faculty and students within and outside the classroom. These kinds of interaction encourage and support individual growth and independent intellectual and emotional development. In addition, the department encourages the intellectual and career development of students by providing opportunities for them to apply their knowledge and skills in the field experience course(s) and in off-campus areas such as human service agencies, community associations, businesses, research agencies and other potential career areas.