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Career Preparation

Academic Advisement

Individual student advisement has always been an important department function. All faculty participate in academic advisement during preregistration periods and during the semester. Students are also notified on a regular basis concerning advisement dates and also when they are not fulfilling department or University academic standards. Departmental faculty members also advise students about careers, academic and personal problems.

Selecting Advisors

Each sociology major is expected to select a faculty advisor; the academic coordinator for the department will assist students who are "new" to the University or department. Majors are encouraged to confer with their advisors on a regular basis as well as during the preregistration periods during the academic year. Each semester - about the time that the next semester's schedule of courses is distributed by the registrar - faculty place on the department secretary's desk a list of the times and days he or she will be able to advise students. Sociology majors are expected to make appointments with advisors each semester at this time. While students are responsible for and encouraged to choose courses based on their academic and career interests, the counsel of advisors should be sought so that information about academic programs can be updated, graduation requirements reviewed and clarified, and postgraduate academic career opportunities discussed.

Career Advisement

Located in Savitz Hall, the Career Management Center will counsel students about various career opportunities, aid students in resume writing, job search strategies, and interviewing techniques.