Bunce Hall
Sociology and Anthropology
Mary Gallant, Ph.D.

Department of Sociology, Rowan University,
Glassboro, NJ 08028, USA
E-Mail: gallant@rowan.edu
Phone: 856-256-4887

Ph.D University of Minnesota
Dissertation Title: Close Friendship: A network Analytic Approach to the Study of Social Solidarity
B.A. (Sociology); M.A. (Sociology) University of Missouri

08.331 Classical Sociological Theory (1992-2008)
08.398 Sociology of the Holocaust-WI (1995; 1997-2007)
08.320 Urban Sociology (1997-2008)
08.425 Senior Seminar

New Courses Developed and Taught:
2007-08 Sociological Sequence for BA in Liberal Studies: Humanities/Social Sciences, Approved by the Senate, December 2007
2007-08 Senior Seminar: Sociological Imagination WI- Writing Intensive Capstone Course for Sociological Sequence, BA in Liberal Studies: Humanities/Social Sciences, Approved by the Senate, May 2008
2007-08 Senior Seminar WI- Writing Intensive Capstone Course for the BA in Sociology, Approved by the Senate, May 2008


2002 Coming of Age in the Holocaust; the Last Survivors Remember. Lanham MD: University Press fo America.

Refereed Articles:

Proceedings- 2008 The Outsider: Rescuers and those they Rescued during the Holocaust 1933-45. Proceedings of the SISSI 18th Annual Conference

Journal Article (international)- 2002: Holocaust Education of the new Millenium: Assessing Our Progress. The Journal of Holocaust Education Volume 10(2):1-28 (co-authored)

Book Chapter- 2001 Social Dimensions of Rescue in the Holocaust. Remembering for the Future; the Holocaust in an Age og Genocide (editors in Chief, John K. Roth and Elisabeth Maxwell). New York: Palgrave.

Reviews Requested by Book Publishers- 2008 Social Theory Roots and Branches, edited by Peter Kivisto for Roxbury Publishing Company. 3rd edition. Roxbury Publishing Company; 2004 Charles Horton Cooley; Sociologist as Belletriste. University of Massachusetts Press.

Newsletters- Editor, ASA Emotions Section Newsletter 2001-2004.

2008: Collective Memory and the Growth of International Criminal Law at Turning Points in Twentieth Century Societies, Eastern Sociological Society Meetings, New York, February 24.

2007: Collective Memory: Reflections on the Salience of Classical Concepts and Terrorism. Eastern Sociological Society Meetings, Session 25. Philadelphia: March 15.

2006: Collective Memory and Reconstruction of Community after Conflagration (co-authored). International Conference on Social Science Research. An international conference sposored by the Centre for Policy and Practice, Bloomington Indiana. Conference site, Vancouver Canada, December 12.

Ethnic Cleansing in the Balkans (co-authored). Goethe-Institute of Sarajevo and the Sarajevo/La Benevolencija Jewish Community, October 28.

Transformational Pedagogy for Teaching the Holocaust to Honors Students Teaching Workshop: Teaching Sociology in an Interdisciplinary Honors Program. (Invited Session) American Sociological Association Meetings. Montreal: August 11-14.

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2001: The Shadow of the Endlosung: Sociological Insights for Post-Shoah Education. The 31st Annual Scholars' conference on the Holocaust and the Churches. Philadelphia. March.

Social Dimensions of Tescue in the Holocaust. Remembering for the Future International Conference on the Holocaust. Oxford, UK. July.

Symposia-Invited (International)
1996-2008: Wroxton Holocaust Memorial Symposium. Wroxton England. June. March.

Wall of Fame Award, Rowan University, May 2007.
Wall of Fame Award, Rowan University, May 2005.
Excellence in Scholarship, Rowan University, 2002.