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Opportunities Abroad

The study of anthropology is uniquely positioned to give students a multicultural and global perspective on the world. This perspective is enhanced and broadened through travel and education experiences within other cultural contexts.

MARU research contributors offer and are looking for ways of expanding these opportunities for Rowan students.

Currently Dr. Maria Rosado invites students who have successfully completed Forensic Anthropology and/or Human Evolution to participate in the La Serena Bioarchaeology Project in La Serena, Chile. There students conduct forensic anthropological analysis, conservation techniques, and bioarchaeological research of Native South Americans dating from 500-3000 years ago. Her student acquire extensive hands-on experience in osteology, paleopathology, bioarchaeology, and forensic anthropology while learning the ins and outs of everyday life in contemporary South America.
Museo Arqueologico, La Serena, Chile

Students interested in expanding their knowledge of Old World Archaeology and visiting modern Africa can participate in a new intersession study abroad course led by Dr. Jane A. Hill entitled The Archaeology of Ancient Egypt. The course, which takes place between the fall and spring semesters, examines the cultural, political and religious systems of the land of the pharaohs. By traveling to and touring Egypt for two weeks, students will learn firsthand about ancient Egypt’s institutions and its society through visits to major archaeological sites and museums. By studying the material culture of this ancient civilization in its spatial and temporal contexts students will develop a richer understanding of ancient Egyptian society that debunks the fantastic interpretations seen in today’s popular media and firmly embeds it within the cultural norms and values that persist in modern Egyptian society.
Jane A. Hill

Visit this site again for additional opportunities being developed by the Anthropology faculty.