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Anthropology Minor
at Rowan University
Maria Rosado, Advisor


The Minor in Anthropology consists of six 3-credit courses. The first three courses constitute a common core taken by all minors. These are:

ANTH02.202 Cultural Anthropology
ANTH02.221 Human Variation
ANTH02.203 Archaeology

Other Courses

Minors select the remaining three courses in consultation with their minor advisor (whom the student may choose at any point prior to taking the final three courses). Each student will be encouraged to concentrate in a particular subfield of anthropology (cultural, physical or archaeology). Those who have an interest in which no class is offered may elect an independent study or research course as a final course choice. Interested students may elect to take more courses than the minimum required by the minor. If graduate studies in anthropology are anticipated, the student is encouraged to take a minimum of 8 courses.

To see the entire listing of Anthropology courses, download the PDF by clicking here.


Anthropology Minor
Maria Rosado, Advisor
Robinson Hall