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Transfer Students

Students transferring from a non-accredited college are required to complete 12 s.h. of successful academic achievement (2.0 grade point average) at Rowan University prior to the University accepting their transfer credits. Sixty-seven semester hours are transferable from students who have earned the A.A. degree. However, the A.A. student may petition the sociology faculty to transfer more than 67 credits (see Program Variance). The faculty considers the merits of each individual case and makes a decision accordingly. Rowan University will not require New Jersey county college degree recipients to complete more than an additional 68 credits in order to be eligible to receive the B.A. degree in sociology (also see Applying for Graduation).

Students transferring from county colleges without the A.A. degree, or those transferring with an A.S. or A.A.S. degree into the sociology department at Rowan University, will have their previous work evaluated on an individual basis in order to determine which courses meet program requirements. Students transferring courses from county colleges, regardless of degree earned, should note that all courses taken at the two year college are transferred to Rowan University as lower level courses (100 or 200). This is true regardless of the status of similar courses taught at Rowan. Students transferring from accredited four-year colleges may apply earned course credits toward total degree requirements, except that 30 semester hours must be taken at Rowan University in order to establish residency. It also should be noted that one half of the courses required for a major in sociology must be taken at Rowan. Where credit for courses completed at other colleges is recorded as quarter hours, conversion into semester hours transferred is made by calculating two-thirds of the quarter hours.

As of January 1, 2000, "D" grades do not transfer. Furthermore, “D” grades earned at Rowan are not credited toward the sociology major requirements nor are they accepted for general education or free elective credit (also see major requirements).