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College of Humanities & Social Sciences

Giving to CHSS

The College of Humanities & Social Sciences welcomes your support of our educational and research initiatives. If you would like to make a gift, please visit the Foundation website. You can choose to donate to generally to the College of Humanities & Social Sciences or designate one of our specific scholarships or funds as detailed below.

We truly appreciate your support.


CHSS Fund for Career Preparation
Donations made to this fund will go directly to providing seed money for internships (including helping students with professional dress and travel expenses), funding student travel for research, paying for workshops to assist students with career skills such as interviewing effectively and practicing professional etiquette at business meals, and providing honoraria for local employers and alumni to visit campus to network with students.

Fund for African Studies
To support programs that advance the development of Africana Studies and contribute to the mission and plan of Rowan University.


Asian Studies Scholarship Fund
To promote Asian Studies on campus by rewarding student academic excellence in the area.

Gary Hunter Memorial Scholarship Fund
This scholarship acknowledges the contributions of Dr. Gary Hunter to the University. The recipient must be a History major with a 3.0 cumulative GPA. He/she must also be matriculated, enrolled full-time and in good standing with the University.

Josefina & Enrique Pujals Study Abroad Scholarship Fund
This scholarship is to honor Dr. Josefina Pujals and Dr. Enrique Pujals for their dedication, devotion and instrumental role in the advisement and education of countless numbers of Rowan University Spanish Majors over three decades. In particular, it pays tribute to the warmness with which they interacted with students and the hearts they touched both in the classroom and out. This scholarship will assist and encourage qualified Spanish majors to take advantage of the innumerable Study Abroad opportunities available to them in Latin America, homeland of the Pujals and cultural heritage to many Rowan students as well as to the surrounding general population. Its purpose is to serve Spanish Majors in their desire to improve their language skills, to increase their knowledge and awareness of other peoples and cultures and to broaden their world vision through exposure to the larger culture of Hispanic study and thought.
More info here.

Erika Freiberger Memorial Scholarship
In accord with the wide-ranging interests and pursuits of the late Dr. Erika Freiberger, the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures has instituted the Erika Freiberger Memorial Scholarship. This award is intended to assist students pursuing programs within the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures in taking advantage of the opportunities available for foreign study. Its purpose is to serve students in their desire to improve their language skills and increase their knowledge and awareness of the culture they are studying.

More info here

Rosemary Geri '77 Foreign Languages Scholarship
The Rosemary Geri '77 Foreign Languages Scholarship was established in honor of Rosemary Geri, who graduated from Glassboro State College (Rowan University) in 1977 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish. She taught at the Northfield Community School for 23 years and was named Teacher of the year in 2010. She traveled extensively in the US, Europe, Far East and South Pacific and was particularly interested in experiencing Hispanic cultures.

More info here

Nathan R. Carb Fund
This scholarship honors the contributions of Dr. Nathan R. Carb by awarding a scholarship to an English major who intends to enroll in a graduate program. There is one scholarship available.

Richard Mitchell Memorial Scholarship
The purpose of this award is to recognize an English major who best exemplifies Dr. Mitchell's daring, audacity, originality and enthusiasm. This award is not based on GPA but recognizes outstanding intellectual ability distinguished by creative thinking. Good departmental citizenship is another factor in determining the award recipient. There is one award given annually.