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Africana Studies is an interdisciplinary major designed to engage undergraduate students in a critical examination of past and contemporary challenges, experiences and contributions of people of African descent and their relations with other groups throughout history. Hence the program is both national and international in scope. Approved by the Rowan University Board of Trustees on February 13, 2008, the program emphasizes two major goals: (1) Discovering, mastering and creating knowledge and (2) using those understandings and skills in service to institutions and communities. In addition to the foundational or core requirements, students in the major will select a specialization in one of the following areas: African Studies, African American Studies, Afro-Latin American and Caribbean Studies, or Comparative Studies. To maximize their career path options, students will be able to take the Africana Studies Major as a single major or as a double major.

What Can You Do with a Major In Africana Studies.

Graduates with the 120 semester hours Bachelors Degree in Africana Studies will have the intellectual, technical, and social competencies to be competitive as applicants for employment and graduate or professional study in the US or abroad in a broad range of fields including:

Academic Services
Community Development
Cultural Studies, including African and African American Studies
Economic Development
Education Related Services
Federal and State Public Services
Health Sciences and Public Health
Humanitarian Services
Human Relations
International Development
Law and Justice
Library and Museum Services
Non-profit Management
Psychology and the Social Sciences
Public administration
Social Work/Social Services
Theatre & The Arts

The program promotes regular academic advising and consultation with the program coordinator or other faculty and staff to enable students to follow a clear sequence of courses both in general education and the major. This is especially essential for students pursuing a double major, who will need assistance in fulfilling the requirements of both majors by utilizing the flexibility provided in the current model of general education.