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Michael Bantu-Gomez Ph.D. Management
Corinne Blake Ph.D. History
Kelly Duke Bryant Ph.D. History
Kimble Byrd J.D. Management
William Carrigan Ph.D. History
Tanya Clark Ph.D. English
James Coaxum Ed.M., Ph.D. Educational Leadership
Joel Crichlow Ph.D. Computer Science
Kit Kim Holder Ed.D. Secondary Education/Foundations of Education
Maccamas Ikpah Ed.D. Communication
Sandra Jones Ph.D. Sociology
David Kasserman Ph.D. Geography/Anthropology
Candace Kelley J.D., M.S.S.I. Journalism/Creative Writing
Stacey Leftwich Ph.D. Reading
Janet Moore Lindman Ph.D. History
Harold Lucius Ph.D. Marketing
Douglas Mapp M.M. Music
J.T. Mills Ed.D. Educational Leadership
Scott Morschauser Ph.D. History
Catherine Parrish Ph.D. English
Lourin Plant D.M.A. Music
Natalie Reeves Ph.D. Political Science/Economics
Hector Rios Ph.D. Special Education
Maria Rosado Ph.D. Sociology/Anthropology
Chanelle Rose Ph.D. History
Anthony Sommo Ph.D. Sociology
Paule Lawrence Turner M.F.A. Theatre and Dance
Timothy Viator Ph.D. English
Paris VonLockette Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering