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FAQs about American Studies

Q: How do I graduate from Rowan with a major in American Studies?
A: Please do the following:

  • Declare your major as American Studies by filling out a short form at University Advising Center in Savitz Hall, third floor.
  • Read all the messages that come to your Rowan email account from your academic advisor, professors, and the university.
  • Follow the American Studies program guide.
  • Earn a minimum of 120 college credits (this includes transfer credits).
  • Meet with an American Studies advisor each year.

Q: I took a course titled Art History 1 ( or Art History 2 ). Do I still have to take History of American Art?
A: Yes

Q: I know that I have to take at least 5 courses at the 300 or 400 level. How can I tell if a course is at 300 or 400 level?
A: Look at the course catalog or course schedule printed each semester. Every course has a 9 digit hegis number. The first 4 digits indicate the department, the next 3 digits indicate the level, and the last 2 digits indicate the section. A 100 level course is a freshman level course, a 200 level is a sophomore level, a 300 level is a junior level, and a 400 level is a senior level. These numbers indicate the level of difficulty of the course.

Q: Does the Senior Seminar count as a 400 level course?
A: Yes

Q: Can I take courses for my major at another school?
A: You may do so ONLY if the courses are equivalent - in other words, they have to be courses of the same difficulty. If, for example, you find a course with the same name at a community college but it is a 100 level course, it CANNOT serve as a course in the major. To find detailed transfer credit information, please visit NJTransfer.org.

Q: How do I arrange to take a course at another school?
A: Obtain the form for taking a course at another school at the Registrar’s office (Savitz Hall) or in the American Studies office and fill it out with all the information. Bring it to the American Studies office and an Advisor will determine where the course(s) will fit in your program  - if at all - and sign it.

Q: Is there a particular order in which I need to complete American Studies requirements?
A: You are most likely to achieve success in American Studies by completing the 100 level courses before attempting the upper division (200,300,400 level) courses. Also, many of the 100 level courses are prerequisites for the upper division courses. In addition, Introduction to American Studies must be completed before you take the Senior Seminar in American Studies. The Senior Seminar in American Studies must be taken during your senior year.   

Q: I took Cultural Geography. Do I still have to take Geography of the US and Canada?
A: Yes

Q: Do I need to take Intro to American Studies before I take other courses for the major?
A: No. You should take Intro to American Studies after you have completed Composition I and II. It is also a prerequisite for the Senior Seminar in American Studies and upper level History courses.

Q: When should I take the Senior Seminar in American Studies?
A: When you are a senior.