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American Studies at Rowan University

Grounded in English and in History, the two pillars of the Humanities, American Studies offers the opportunity to develop both strong reading and writing skills and a sophisticated understanding of social research methods. The interdisciplinary training of the program provides the opportunity to develop well-honed intellectual skills and creative problem-solving abilities. Employers seek these skills making American Studies majors among the most desirable employees. Individuals trained in American Studies are sought in law, government service, journalism, education, museum and social work. Elementary Education majors find this coordinate major covers a variety of the content they will teach. People with training in this field can be found all over the United States working with diverse populations and traveling different career paths.

We are looking for students who have demonstrated interests in reading, writing and communicating. Often, they are in college preparatory or honors sections in high school. Because interdisciplinary work will ask students to develop their capacities for creative thought and imaginative solutions, students who have demonstrated creativity in high school are also encouraged to consider an American Studies major. Therefore, your best preparation for our program is to take challenging high school courses that emphasize critical thinking, cultural awareness , and plenty of written work. If you are curious about the world you live in and love exploring new ideas about it, then you will love being in the American Studies major.


Patrick Glatz (‘13)’s senior seminar thesis was published in this new magazine:

The Eastern American Studies Association and the American Studies Program at Penn State Harrisburg are pleased to announce the inaugural issue of New Errands, a new online journal to publish exemplary American Studies work by undergraduate students.

Volume 1 of New Errands can be accessed at the following online location: New Errands.
The New Errands Volume 2 – Spring 2014 Call for Papers is attached.


Advisor: Dr. Emily Blanck, American Studies Program Coordinator - Robinson 117G

Office hours: Tuesdays 9am to 12

Advisor: Dr. Bruce Plourde - Bunce 347

Office hours: M/W 12:15 to 1:30pm

Please contact Christine DiBlasi, Program Secretary, to schedule an advising appointment during their office hours or at another time if necessary: 856-256-5490 or diblasi@rowan.edu