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Featured Faculty: Dr. Q. Edward Wang

Q. Edward Wang, Professor of History at Rowan, has been awarded membership at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton for Spring 2010. He is the first one in the history of Rowan University/Glassboro State College to receive this prestigious research fellowship. Born and raised in Shanghai, China, Wang joined Rowan faculty in 1992 and served as chair of the History Department from 1998 to 2007. He is now the coordinator of the Asian Studies program. A specialist in Chinese history and comparative historiography, Wang has published books in both English and Chinese and a number of articles, including A Global History of Modern Historiography (2008), Mirroring the Past: The Writing and Use of History in Imperial China (2005) and Inventing China through History: the May Fourth Approach to Historiography (2001). While at the Institute, he is going to work on a project that examines the triangular relationship among China, Japan and the West in developing modern concepts and practices in history-writing.

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Edward Wang
Edward Wang