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Featured Student: Kristen Brozina's special bond with her father becomes a New York Times feature

Kristen Brozina, English major, was featured in The New York Times Sunday Styles section (March 21, Mike Winerip) for their unique father-daughter bond forged through the love of reading.  Their "reading streak" began when Kristen was 11 years old and ended    on her first day of college when her father read to her for the 3,208th day in a row.  Below is an exerpt of Kristen's essay regarding her experience with her father:

Although he had read to me regularly for years, my father and I never made it a goal to read night after night without interruption until I was 11 years old. One night, as we were pouring over one of our favorite Sherlock Holmes stories, he suggested that we try to go 50 consecutive days without skipping our nightly reading. Young and ambitious (and only responsible for the listening end of the bargain) I suggested that we try for 100 nights. We clarified the specifics: he had to read for at least ten minutes (but preferably twenty or more), every night, before midnight. The task seemed daunting at first, but 100 days went by with relative ease – he had read to me so often in the past that only minor adjustments were needed to make it a regularly scheduled event. We met our goal and celebrated with a pancake breakfast. Pouring my syrup, I looked up and realized we were both thinking the same thing – we were sad to see the journey end. It was too soon. My suggestion, however, surprised even me. "I think we should try for 1,000 nights," I said, in an almost whisper. My father raised his eyebrows, chewed for a moment, and then nodded.

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Kristen Brozina and her father, Jim.  Photo by Ryan Collerd for The New York Times
Kristen Brozina and her father, Jim. Photo by Ryan Collerd for The New York Times