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College of Humanities & Social Sciences

CHSS in Chile: Rowan University-Museo de La Serena Archaeology Fieldschool

Recent graduates Chelsea Cordle, Derek Davies, and Alessandra Ursino accompanied Dr. Maria Rosado, Professor of Anthropology, on her annual trip to La Serena, Chile.  Since 2000, Dr. Rosado has co-directed with the archaeologists at the Rowan University-Museo de La Serena Archaeology Fieldschool. Rowan students travel to Chile with Dr. Rosado and under her tutelage conduct research at the bioarchaeology laboratory. This research involves osteological, forensic, zooarchaeological, and anthropometric studies of human remains. Students participate in the conservation of skeletal remains and excavations of archaeological sites and presentation of their research at Rowan University's STEM Symposium, St. Joseph's Sigman XI, and Pelaopathology Association.  They also have the opportunity to interact with the local specialists and police who are attending a workshop at the fieldschool.

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