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English alumna and best-selling author Kristen Brozina's life after Rowan

Who knew a graduate school admissions essay could create a best-selling book?  Kristen Brozina didn't think it would happen, but yet her story turned into stardom. 

Before graduating in 2010, Brozina had hopes of attending graduate school at the University of Pennsylvania.  She shared her graduate school admissions essay with a former faculty member (and current Dean of the College of Humanities & Social Sciences) Dr. Cindy Vitto who saw something special in her writing and her story.  The basis of Brozina's essay was her father's promise to read to her for 100 consecutive nights.  The "Reading Streak" continued long after—3,218 nights in total— and speaks to a remarkable bond between father and daughter and their shared love of reading. 

Dr. Vitto forwarded the essay to Rowan's Media & Public Relations department.  From there it was sent to The New York Times where it became the subject of a Sunday feature.  After being featured in The New York Times, Brozina received offers from literary agents, which ultimately led to her book entitled The Reading Promise:  My Father and the Books We Shared (published under her pen name "Alice Ozma").  Her book ended up on Barnes and Nobles top 25 list and Amazons top 100 list as well as received a mention in the L.A. Times. When Brozina received the news of her book being a best-seller, the feeling was "hard to describe." 

Brozina now works for Scholastic Books as the National Manager of Sales Media and Reading Program.  Brozina says that she loves her job because there is much "variety."  The former Rowan University student reads many different types of books, creates internal and external content for books, and also creates podcasts and webinars.  Brozina's job also entails traveling across the country to Los Angeles, New York, Boston, and Florida where she presents at educational conferences.    

Brozina is returning to Rowan for the College of Humanities &  Social Sciences Career Connections event on Tuesday, November 12th as the keynote speaker.  She will be providing tips to current students on how to be successful with the career path you choose. 

You can read more about Kristen Brozina on her website: 


(Feature written by Jaclyn Tellefsen, Public Relations major and CHSS intern)

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