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Denis DiBlasio

Phone: 856-256-4500 EXT#3528

Denis DiblasioAfter receiving his Master’s Degree from The University of Miami, Denis DiBlasio joined the big band of legendary trumpeter Maynard Ferguson, serving as Maynard’s Musical Director for five years. During this time he honed his virtuosity on the baritone saxophone and flute as well as a prodigious scat-vocal technique, and developed estimable composing / arranging skills. His scores have been published by Kendor, William Allen, Kjos, Doug Beach, Hal Leonard. Houston, Jamey Aebersold and  Roncorp Publications. He is currently Director of the Jazz Program at Rowan University, conducts Rowan’s Lab Band and holds the seat as the Executive Director of The Maynard Ferguson Institute of Jazz Studies at Rowan.

As a clinician for the Yamaha Musical Corporation, DiBlasio has taught, performed and conducted all over the United States; his “education as entertainment” style has also taken him to Canada, Mexico, Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland, Denmark, Japan and Thailand. His unique combination of positive motivation and witty sense of humor ensures an atmosphere where “making music is fun” and students are encouraged by his fearless risk taking attitude that communicates the message: “Mistakes are valid…if you learn something in the attempt.”

Denis uses Vandoren products.
This approach keeps Denis extremely busy, in constant demand and often booked up to a year and a half to two years in advance.


His latest releases on Dreambox Media / Encounter are:



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