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About the Rowan University Jazz Program

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The Rowan University Jazz Program is designed to prepare the serious jazz musician for a career in music. The degree includes 80 credits in music subjects and 45 credits in general education.

All students enter the program at Rowan University through performance auditions and tests of their musical ability and aptitude. Additionally, previous academic standing and score on the Scholastic Aptitude Test play a role in the evaluation process. All students study a major instrument with an artist/teacher; engage in private study in improvisation; perform in small jazz ensembles; and gain experience playing in a big jazz ensemble. Classes in music theory, aural perception, keyboard, and music history round out the curriculum. All students perform a jury examination at the conclusion of each semester and prepare and present, a full recital in their senior year as a requirement of the program.

The challenging yet friendly spirit offered at Rowan University creates an ideal environment in which to learn. Our jazz faculty is made up of working professionals dedicated to preserving this uniquely American art form while passing it on to others.

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