Lawrence DePasquale - Advising


Lawrence DePasquale

Lawrence De Pasquale is a member of the professional staff in the Music Department. Chiefly responsible for making necessary contacts for field experience placements for music education studies, he is in constant contact with school in the P-12 sector within a 30 mile radius of the campus, monitoring the development of music programs and discussing with and recommending to the music education faculty placements for practicum visits and clinical practice assignments (student teaching). He is a graduate of Glassboro State College, having studied organ with Dennis Elwell, conducting with Clarence Miller, and research with Lili Levinowitz. He also holds a diploma from Music Together and teaches the toddlers of the university Day Care Center in Education Hall beginning music learning theory. He occasionally teaches courses in music education and musicology. In addition, he is a certified Associate in Ministry of the Ev. Lutheran Church in America, and directs the 70-voice Gloucester County College/Community Chorus.