Rowan University

Directions for Rowan Prep families to buy parking permit:

* Click onto Http://

* Click on “BUY PERMITS"

* It will then ask for your Banner ID#: if you are NOT a Rowan employee or student - please enter the following number for both your BANNER ID# 510003001 & your last name. Then click on “Search”.

* Click on “Add Item” to select Service 2012-2013, which is $ 40.00

* Then continue to “Create New Account” or "Sign Into Your Account" if you have an existing account.

* Continue to "fill in the blanks" and follow the checkout steps.

* After completing the checkout steps; You should wait for the approval of the permit from a confirmation email .

* Receive the permit in the mail and it will have an S on it; This permit will permit you to park in any parking lot on campus.