Rowan University

Sharon Falkowski

Sharon Falkowski began her piano studies with Margaret Littell at the Wilmington Music School, where she also studied theory and composition with Ronald Surak. She was a scholarship student at Peabody Conservatory’s Junior Conservatory Camp in Northern Vermont, where she studied with Grace Cushman, Tom Johnson and Reynaldo Reyes. While Ms. Falkowski's journey included a very long and successful career in marketing and management; she eventually started her own marketing consulting and web design firm. But, her first love and passion was always piano/teaching. Ms. Falkowski began taking piano lessons again as an adult, studying privately with the noted teacher and pedagogue Veda Zuponcic. At the urgings of Ms. Zuponcic, she entered the College of Performing Arts at Rowan University where she graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music. Ms. Falkowski joined the Rowan Prep faculty in 2012-2013 season.

Ms. Falkowski believes that her unusual musical path gives her a unique approach as a teacher. “Music education is much more than just learning how to read notes and play the keys on a piano. It is about connecting with the music and connecting with your own feelings and imagination. It is very personal and can be tremendously rewarding to the student whether he or she is six or sixty years old.”