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Registration and General Information

Rowan Prep (Rowan Preparatory Division) is open for registration and inquiries Monday through Friday, 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Please feel free to contact our office to talk through our Individual Instruction options, Suzuki Strings program, as well as Group Beginner classes and Chamber Ensemble offerings.


Please visit:


* Between teacher and student: Once placement is made with you/your child, we ask that you exchange pertinent "contact" information from each other (teacher and student) in case of last minute cancellations/emergencies. It is best to contact your teacher directly, rather than leaving a message with the Rowan Prep office. But, if needed, the Rowan Prep staff will assist if contact cannot be made.

* Any issues regarding payment: The Rowan Prep director and associate will assist with any payment via credit cards for semester bills, as well as help resolve payment discrepancies/problems. Please call our office directly - 856-256-4554.

* At times the Rowan Prep Office will notify students with pertinent information via e-mail. Please be sure to inform the Office of your current and most effective/used e-mail address.

* At times, The Rowan Prep office will announce closings/emergencies on our Rowan Prep facebook. We ask that if you do have a facebook account to "like" our facebook page "Rowan Prep" for these announcements, as well as a community "musical dialogue.

Emergency closings will be listed on Rowan’s homepage at , as well as our Rowan Prep homepage. Please know that we follow Rowan University emergency/closing procedures. In instances of severe weather, Rowan Prep reserves the right to cancel classes and private lessons. These, of course, will be made up at a mutually agreed to time between teacher/student.

Emergency closings will also be listed on our facebook page, "Rowan Prep".

Rowan Prep reserves the right to cancel a class or to adjust the length of a class, based on class enrollment.

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Rowan University is committed to providing a smoke-free environment for everyone at Rowan. All University facilities are designated non-smoking. In addition, all indoor Rowan University-sponsored activities that take place in facilities not owned or operated by Rowan University are smoke free in those areas under Rowan’s control. This policy will be enforced according to established University policies and procedures.

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