Theatre & Dance

Bart Healy

Professor Emeritus

Bart Healy, the resident scene designer for the department, holds an M.F.A. in Theatrical Design from New York University and teaches courses in stage design and its associated crafts: drafting, model making, drawing and rendering. He also teaches Introduction to Theatre and Living Theatre. As a freelance designer and scene painter, Healy's work has been seen at, among others, Foundation Theatre, Bristol Riverside Theatre, Allegheny Highlands Regional Theatre, Gretna Theatre, Crossroads Theatre, Ritz Theatre Company, Walnut Street Theatre Studio Three, New Jersey Repertory Theatre, Richard Stockton College Theatre, and the Prince Music Theatre. As a painter, Mr. Healy produces landscapes in a variety of media and sizes. He owes an immense debt to the great teachers he has had including Phil Graneto, Howard Bay, Oliver Smith, John Gleason and Lloyd Burlingame. They taught through professional example of the highest grade and by being deep reservoirs of theatrical knowledge.