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College of Science & Mathematics

Welcome from the Dean

Dean AnsariThe College of Science and Mathematics consists of seven academic departments – Biological Sciences, Chemistry & Biochemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, Nursing, Physics & Astronomy and Psychology. These departments offer a wide variety of discipline-specific and interdisciplinary undergraduate and graduate degree programs ranging from pure Mathematics to Biochemistry, Applied Behavioral Analysis and Software Engineering.

The mission of CSM is to increase Rowan University’s focus on research and teaching in sciences, mathematics, psychology as well as emerging biomedical fields.

Among the most unique features of our College are emphasis on undergraduate student research and development of innovative interdisciplinary graduate programs. Our faculty members are both internationally known scholars and dedicated teachers who bring their research findings to the classrooms thus exposing our students to cutting edge scholarship and applications. We aim to prepare highly trained specialists in a variety of fields of applied sciences and set a strong foundation for our students’ future graduate education.

CSM is also perfectly positioned to develop research and teaching collaboration with the Cooper Medical School at Rowan University. This connection gives our students the unique opportunity to enter health-related fields through a direct exposure to a medical institution.

I believe that the College of Science and Mathematics together with the new School of Biomedical Sciences is the avant-garde of Rowan University. They lead this University towards becoming a premier research institution.

All my best,

Parviz Ansari, Ph.D.
Dean, CSM
Founding Dean, SBS



Our Vision

The College of Science and Mathematics aspires to be a leader in student-centered science and math higher education, recognized nationwide as one of the best among its peers.  We aim to provide model preparation for continuing scholarship in students’ chosen careers in industry, research, education, health care, and public service. We are committed to creating experiences and opportunities to prepare our students to prosper in the global community through international partnerships and by increasing our global engagement.

Our Mission

The College of Science and Mathematics is dedicated to excellence in undergraduate and graduate education and research and increasing the number of students choosing these fields of study.  We promote a student-centered approach to learning in a research-rich environment both inside and outside of the classroom.  We are committed to providing our students with outstanding degree programs in basic and applied sciences and mathematics and preparing them to function in a multi-cultural and economically interdependent world. As a result, we are preparing students to succeed in quality graduate/professional programs and careers in industry, education, research, government and health professions. 

The College of Science and Mathematics plays an essential role in educating non-science majors. For these majors, we will provide a sound grounding in the essentials of science and mathematics that will enable them to better understand the world in which they live and the role of science and scientific thinking in their society.

Our Values