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Home is where the heart is

Homecoming 2014, “PROFtoberfest,” is in the books and the College of Science and Mathematics’ tent on College Row was a success! Every department presented fun and educational activities for alumni and their families. Dr. Matthew Bealor, professor of biological sciences, Biology Club President Paul D’Angelo, and club members Kevin Gross, Andrew Garcia, and Kevin Sather brought reptiles for people to touch and handle, including the Cornsnake, Eastern Ratsnake, Green Rough Snake, Northern Diamondback Terrapin and a Spotted Turtle, while Gray Treefrogs, a Wood Frog, Red Spotted Newts and a Marbled Salamander could be admired in their tanks.

The Mathematics Department’s faculty members Dr. Dexter Whittinghill, Bethany Gummo, and Ira Fine, along with students Brooke Logan, Stephanie Gomez, and Phuong-Trang Vu helped visitors create hexaflexagons, solve equations and participate in a Pi contest. Dr. Timothy Vaden and students Lydia Hanna, Sylvia Hanna, Pallavi Chary, and Ayate Kaced from the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department brought Liquid Nitrogen to conduct experiments on fruit and whip up batches of delicious vanilla ice cream served to the crowd.

Lydia Hanna and Pavalli Chary make liquid nitrogen ice cream with President Ali Houshmand

A spin of the Prize Wheel provided by the Psychology Department’s Dr. Eve Sledjeski, Dr. Lisa Abrams, and Psychology Alliance students Alyssa Lompado, Maureen Sessa, Ricky Urgo, Zach Reburn, Lewis Romelus, and Lindsay Carfagno provided smiles and fun gifts like “brain” erasers and t-shirts.
Dr. Tabbetha Dobbins and Lloyd Black of the were joined by students Ford Scott, Sam Duren, Stephen Canzanese, Sarah Kessler, Alex Reedy, Mark Pultrone, Phillip Chandler, Chris Bennett, Steve Kustka, Nate Wolf and Collin Day from the Physics and Astronomy Department to offer visitors unique opportunities – those interested in learning how to propel themselves using the motion of a bicycle wheel could take a spin on the popular angular momentum platform, while Professor Black provided a solar telescope for safely viewing sunspots for those who wished to look to the stars.

Whoo R U stands with Paul D'Angelo, president of the biology club, holding an Eastern Ratsnake.

LEGO robots were demonstrated by Computer Science students Jennifer Senior and Daniel Cahall, much to the delight of children of all ages. Edelman Planetarium was also open for Homecoming guests and Planetarium Director Keith Johnson presented “Viewing the Sun,” to complement the live solar viewing. Dr. Phil LaPorta entertained the Homecoming crowd at our tent and throughout College Row with his mesmerizing magic.

In addition to our numerous alumni, President Houshmand visited our tent and was “tricked” by Dr. LaPorta, watched Dr.Dobbins demonstrate fuel cell cars, and enjoyed Chemistry’s vanilla ice cream. The student clubs were out in full force engaging everyone who visited. The College of Science and Mathematics demonstrated several exciting concepts our students are learning within our college, and we are looking forward to an even bigger and better event for Homecoming 2015.