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                                 Spring 2007 Courses
          Environmental Science
                                         Special Topics (Senior Seminar)


                                    Fall 2006 Courses

                                        Marine Biology                                                                                                     

Summer courses at the New Jersey Marine Sciences Consortium (NJ MSC)
  • I'm the Rowan liason to the NJ MSC (  Feel free to contact me for more information about the courses Rowan offers through them each summer, up in Sandy Hook, NJ.  If you would like to take these courses, you will need to have me sign an override slip to be able to register for the course.  You will also have to register with the NJ MSC; I have their forms, or you can print one off their web site by clicking here.
  • The NJ MSC has a web page detailing their college program.  Be aware that Rowan may not offer all the courses available at the NJ MSC, but we offer most through our own, separate registration process.

Sea Semester Program - get Rowan credit for a semester abroad
Rowan now has a formal affiliation with the Sea Semester Program, which means Rowan students can do the Sea Semester Program and get Rowan credits.  Your Rowan financial aid can also be applied to this program, and the Sea Education Association (SEA) which runs this program also offers generous financial aid and scholarship packages.   For more information on how to participate in this one-semester program, contact Dr. Edward Smith of the International Center (Bosshart 115, 856.256.4105; Rochelle Klink, Secretary: 856.256.4500 x3105;

          The program entails 6 weeks of classes in Woods Hole, MA (Cape Cod), and then 6 weeks at sea on a sailing vessel.  SEA now offers three different types of Sea Semester programs; some are better suited for students with an interest in science, while others are geared towards the humanities, particularly the study of maritime cultures along a salinity "cruise" track.   Check out the SEA web site (, or come talk to me or Dr. Smith if you're interested in this opportunity.

Scientific & conservation organizations

      Invertebrate resources

FIRST II:  Faculty Institutes for Reforming Science Teaching

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  • Publications
    • Richmond and Woodin, 1996.  Short-term fluctuations in salinity: effects on planktonic invertebrate larvae.  Marine Ecology Progress Series 133:167-177.
    • Richmond and Woodin, 1999.  Effect of salinity reductions on oxygen consumption by larval estuarine invertebrates.  Marine Biology 134: 259-267.  (The original publication is available at
    • Marcus, NH, Richmond, CE, Sedlacek, C, Miller, GA, and C Oppert.  2004.  Impact of hypoxia on the survival, egg production and population dynamics of Acartia tonsa Dana.  Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 301: 111-128.
    • Richmond, CE, Breitburg, DL, and KA Rose.  2005. The role of environmental generalist species in ecosystem function.  Ecological Modelling 188: 279-295.
    • Richmond, CE, Ebert-May, D, Hodder, J.  2005.  Lyme disease: a case about ecosystem services.  Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment  3 (10): 557-558.
    • Richmond, CE, Marcus, NH, Sedlacek, C., Miller, GA, and Oppert, C.  2006.  Hypoxia and seasonal temperature: Short-term effects and long-term implications for Acartia tonsa dana.  Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 328: 177-196.
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Field trip photos                                                                                                Field trip to Shark River Inlet, Fall 2004
(pictures by Stacey Wallace)
Tomaita on the jetty
students on dock
Dan and Jackie on the jetty
class watching a collection

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