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Rowan University STEM Student Research Symposium

Presented by:

The Department of Biological Sciences
The College of Science & Mathematics
The College of Engineering

Our 2016 financial sponsor:

South Jersey Industries


The 2016 STEM Symposium
Info for 2016, including this year's Post-Submission Packet
Criteria For Participation
Call For Abstracts
How Students Can Help Make The Symposium A Success
Contact For More Information

Past STEM Symposia

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STEM SYMPOSIUM FAQ: Click here to get answers to frequently asked questions.


The 2016 STEM Symposium

Planning is underway for the 19th Annual Rowan Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math (STEM) Student Research Symposium! 

STEM 2016 coverDate: Friday April 22, 2016


Session I: 8:00 - 9:30
Session II: 10:00 - 11:30


Session III: 12:00 - 01:30
Session IV: 2:00 - 3:30

Place: Eynon Ballroom, Chamberlain Student Center

All of the work presented at the Symposium should have significant involvement by Rowan University students and should in fact be presented by Rowan students. Thus, the Symposium serves as an excellent opportunity for students conducting scholarly activity to learn how to communicate their work to others inside and outside of their field. In addition, underclassmen attending the STEM Symposium will learn about the wide array of research opportunities available to them here at Rowan University. This is especially important as employers and graduate/professional school admissions committees continue to place a greater emphasis on research experience outside of the traditional curriculum. Finally, the Symposium facilitates additional communication between faculty who may be in different departments but have related research interests.

Info for 2016

  • This year's Title & Author booklet will be distributed in hard copy and is also available at this link.  The full abstract booklet may be downloaded from this link

  • 2016 POST-SUBMISSION PACKET:  If your name is attached to an abstract that has been accepted for inclusion in the 2016 STEM Symposium as an author or faculty sponsor, you should download the 2016 Post-Submission Packet.  Information in this year's packet includes: 

    • How to access booklet page proofs (deadline for corrections is 5pm Monday 4/11)
    • How to access nametag proofs (deadline for corrections is 5pm Monday 4/11)
    • How to determine your presentation time and location
    • Information regarding presentation format
  • Online Submission System:  We're using our online submission system again this year!  See the Call For Abstracts section of this page for more information.   

  • Welcome to Rowan STEM alumni:  Rowan alumni who are currently active in STEM primary research are invited to present their work.  If you are a Rowan alumnus/alumna who is still active in primary research in the STEM disciplines and are interested in presenting at the 2016 Symposium, please contact Dr. Hecht ( by March 31st.     

  • Four sessions of posters:  In previous years, we have been able to accommodate all Symposium presentations in three sessions.  Beginning last year, we have shifted our schedule to include a total of four sessions in order to accommodate all of the submitted presentations.    

  • Clusters:  Clusters are groups of posters that are physically located near one another on the Symposium floor.  Clusters are intended to draw attention to presentations that feature hands-on activities for visitors or interdisciplinary topics that span multiple academic departments.  The clusters for the 2016 Symposium will be:


    •  Biomedical Research

    •  Computer Games & Applications

    •  Energy Research

    •  Pharmaceutical Research


    For questions regarding clusters, or to propose a theme for a new cluster for the STEM Symposium, please contact Dr. Hecht ( 

Criteria for Participation

The criteria for participation in the STEM Symposium are the following:

• the work presented represents research in the natural or physical sciences, technology, engineering, or mathematics;in which at least one Rowan student has had participation;
• at least one Rowan student of any type has had participation;
• a Rowan student is the presenting author (multiple presenting student authors are acceptable);
• some significant portion of the presented work has been carried out during 5/2015 - 4/2016 time frame;
• the presented work could have been carried out on-campus or off-campus;
• an abstract is submitted as described in the call for abstracts;
• the presentation will be in the format of a poster similar to what is presented at various scientific meetings.

Please note also that the presented work should represent research conducted within one of the STEM disciplines rather than research about the STEM disciplines. This means that the presented work must be primary research that is hypothesis- or application-driven.

Click here for more details about the criteria for participation.

Call for Abstracts

ABSTRACT SUBMISSION FOR THE 2016 SYMPOSIUM IS NOW CLOSED.  The submission deadline for the 2016 Symposium was MARCH 31.  All abstracts must be submitted via our ONLINE ABSTRACT SUBMISSION SYSTEM. Please note that abstracts submitted by mail, disk, or email will NOT be accepted. To be accepted, an abstract must be submitted by the student author(s) and approved by its faculty sponsor(s) by the submission deadline.

Click here for more info about the submission process.

We will be using the our submission website again this year!  If you didn't submit an abstract to the Symposium last year, you should probably take a look at our "Getting Started" Guide (PDF) or our Submission System's detailed user manual (PDF).


How Students Can Help Make the Symposium a Success; Contact for More Information

The 2015 STEM Symposium is being coordinated by Dr. Gregory Hecht (Dept. Biological Sciences) and is presented by the College of Sciences & Mathematics, The College of Engineering, and the Department of Biological Sciences.
Please direct questions or comments to Dr. Hecht at ext 3577.

Pallavi Chary, Justen Dowling, Tyler Gale, Hannah Hoag, Sneha Kolla, Jethro Medina, Luke Nichols-O'Neill, and Andrew Rocco will be the STEM Student Coordinators this year. This year we will need student help with the following items: (i) publicity for the Symposium; (ii) set-up for the Symposium the evening before the event; (iii) final set-up work on the morning of the Symposium; and (iv) clean-up immediately after the Symposium.
SGA chartered organizations that help with the STEM Symposium can receive service project credit. If you know of student groups that are interested in helping out, please have them get in touch with the Student Coordinators. We are especially interested in having groups affiliated with the STEM Departments help out, but other groups are certainly welcome, too; these types of groups helped out last year and their assistance was invaluable.  Student groups that provide financial assistance receive advertising space in the STEM Symposium booklet. 

The STEM Student Coordinators can be contacted by email. They can also be contacted by sending campus mail to the Biological Sciences Department in care of Dr. Gregory Hecht.


The STEM Symposium is possible only because of the help and broad-based participation from across the University. No support means no Symposium, so it is important to mention that this year's event arises from the efforts of many people.

Acknowledgments of everybody who helps out with the Symposium will be available in the STEM Abstract Booklet.

Past STEM Symposia

Abstract Title & Author Booklets for recent STEM Symposia
Video of the 2012 STEM Student Research Symposium