Rowan Students Honored for Creativity in International Math Contest

A team of three Rowan Math students thought outside the box at this year's Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM), earning an award for their creative efforts.

The interantional online competition, involving 949 teams from 12 countries, required students to analyze, model and submit a solution to one of two problems. The Rowan senior math majors, Joshua Dunn of Mickelton, Walter Jacob of Mullica Hill and Matthew Oster of Marmora, chose to solve an airline-seating problem. The problem asked teams to devise and compare procedures for boarding and de-boarding planes with various amounts of passengers from 85 to 800.

The team, advised by Professor Hieu Nguyen, won MCM's Ben Fusaro Award for the most creative solution for their randomized approach to passenger seating. A big factor in winning was the student's special training in operation research from Professor Christopher Lacke.

Former Fusaro winners include the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of California- Berkeley and McGill University


Complete results from the 23rd annual MCM can be found at: