Any Rowan Math Graduates that want information about current jobs posted.. PLEASE email me at It's a great encouragement to others to see what a Math Degree can do!

2007 graduates

Joshua Dunn

I wanted to give you some information about my current career. I work for a financial company called Coventry First ( We invest in the market for secondary life insurance. If an owner of a policy could not pay for or no longer needed his life insurance policy, he only had two options, to surrender the policy for whatever cash value is remaining or simply stop paying and let the policy lapse. The CEO Alan Buerger and his wife Connie are sort of the originators of the idea of buying a life insurance policy. The offer is typically 3 to 4 times more than the surrender value of the policy. Coventry will become owner and beneficiary of the policy and manage it by paying the premiums while the insured remains the same. Upon the passing of the insured, Coventry will claim the death benefit. It is really a must win for all parties involved.

My company is very big into current employees referring new hires. They hire creative and intelligent people. They love Math majors for this reason. A background in Probabillity and Statistics is a great foundation as there is quite a push to get people interested in actuarial work. If you have anyone who you think might be interested and fits this description, send his/her resume my way and I will take a look at it. My email is

Matt Oster- After spending the summer in China with Microsoft on a fellowship, I have begun attending Rugters University - RUTCOR - Rutgers Center for Operations Research, going for my Ph.D. in Operations Research. I live up in Piscataway about 3 miles from campus in an apartment complex that is really nice, with my girlfriend of over four years. I recently received an email from George Miller of Mathematics and Computer Education, stating that the follow-up paper to Dr. Osler's paper, "Lucky Fractions," that Josh Parvin and I wrote, has been selected for publication! I am excited, as is Josh. email: