General education guidelines for taking math courses

When deciding which Mathematics course is right for you, please consider the following:

Not for credit (for General Education or Graduation):

Basic Algebra I & II
- roughly equivalent to algebra in high school and must be taken by students who have not passed the basic skills test and no other mathematics course can be taken without passing basic skills. All freshmen and transfer students with fewer than 30 credits must take and pass the placement test prior to registering for courses. Please note: Students must complete such courses within one year or are recommended for suspension.


Courses for General Education Credit (listed in order of difficulty)

Contemporary Math - a relatively easy math appreciation course that includes some discrete math, statistics, and geometry. Recommended for humanities, communications, arts, and education majors

Introduction to Geometry - an elementary geometry course for general audience

Elementary Statistics - basic introduction to statistics not appropriate for business or science majors but recommended for communications or social science majors.

College Algebra- a relatively difficult course. It is a prerequisite for Calculus T & A.

PreCalculus - prepares students for Calculus I, Statistics I, and Discrete Math- recommended for students who score less than 60 on the CLM placement tests. It is a prerequisite for Calculus I.

Structures of Mathematics - primarily for elementary and special education majors

Calculus: Techniques and Applications - calculus course for Business Majors

Statistics I & II - Two semester sequence for Business and Science Majors

Discrete Mathematics - For Math and Liberal Studies Majors

Discrete Structures - for Computer Science majors

Calculus I, II - two semester sequence for STEM