Math Team

Our Mission:

"To promote math awareness and interest on Rowan's campus and to educate the importance of math. To serve as a gathering place, as well as an academic resource for all students interested in math. To participate in competitions and community service projects."

Information on all Math Team meetings will be e-mailed to all math majors. Interested math majors and others are encouraged to attend. Meetings are held in the Math Learning Center (located on the second floor of Robinson in the Math Department). (The Math Team is an SGA Club)

Math Team (Constitution)

2014-2015 Math Team Officers

President: Brooke Logan
Vice President: Trang Vu
Secretary: Phuong-Ashley Shepp
Treasurer: Corey Volmer
Senator: Stephanie Gomez

Current Math Team Advisors

Dr. Dexter Whittinghill

Dr. Norman Beil

Prof. Benjamin Daniels

2013-2014 Math Team Officers

President: Adam Fincke
Vice President: Steven Giambrone
Secretary: Phuong-Trang Vu
Treasurer: Nicholas Houghton
Senator: Brooke Logan

Current Math Team Advisor

Dr. Dexter Whittinghill


2012-2013 Math Team Officers

Samantha Kabe
Lindsay Mading
Kyra Patel
Marielis Nunez
Nick Honghton

2011-2012 Math Team Officers

President: DJ Evans
Vice President: Evan Edinger
Secretary: Samantha Kabe
Treasurer: Brandon Maggio
Senator: Marielis Nunez

Current Math Team Advisor

Dr. Dexter Whittinghill


2010-2011 Math Club Officers

President: Jennifer Hoxworth
Vice President: Hadiatou Diallo
Secretary: Evan Edinger
Treasurer: Marielis Nunez
Senator: Robert DeBaun