The Math Club will meet every Monday unless otherwise notified
Meetings take place in the Math Learning Center 11:00-12:00 PM

Brief summary of some math club events planed...
We hold weekly competitions for small prizes ranging from 5 - 10 dollar gift certificates to places around rowan.  We will hold study groups for things like the Praxis, and graduate tests.  We are going to show a movie on Monday Feb. 25 (next week) for anyone, it's called "Careers in Mathematics".  We will show movies often.  We meet every monday at 11 - 12 in the Math Department at Robinson.  There is a competition on Saturday, April 12 called "The Garden State Math Competition" (GSUMC) and we welcome anyone to come and compete.  We will be taking a bus up to William Paterson and it shouldn't last all day.  To compete, you need a team of 3, but we have many people who do not have teams yet so we welcome anyone that is interested to tell us they would like to go and we can provide a team for them.  If anyone has any questions, please contact me at