Education: Ph.D. in Operations Research, North Carolina State University, 1998.

                Master of Statistics, North Carolina State University, 1995.

                M.S. in Statistics, University of Southern Maine, 1991.

                A.B. in Mathematics and Economics, Bowdoin College, 1988.

 I came to Rowan University in the Fall of 1998. I teach a variety of courses, including deterministic and stochastic operations research, all statistical methods courses, probability theory and statistical inference, discrete mathematics, and calculus. If all goes well, I hope to have classes in Multiattribute Utility Theory and Statistical Decision Theory/Bayesian Statistics running someday.

If you are unfamiliar with Rowan, let me mention that excellent teaching is of paramount importance here, just as it is to me.  I grew up in a family of teachers.  My dad is a business professor at DeSales University in Center Valley, PA (part of the exquisite Saucon and Lehigh Valley area).  Dad's still working on his webpage.  My mother teaches quilting, basket weaving, and knitting.  For those of you who make jokes about making a basket weaving class harder by having it underwater, you're wrong.  The reed needs to be soaked in order to make it pliable.

Research Interests: If you had looked at this page when I started, you would have seen that my primary research interest involved the application of Decision Analysis to problems in the health and environmental arenas. It is still one of my primary interests, but in my time at Rowan, I have expanded my interests to include pedagogical issues in all areas of math, but primarily Statistics and Operations Research.  I have also been working with faculty in a number of departments regarding their statistical needs.  I plan to dive into ecological and biological statistics in the coming year.  A list of my publications and working papers can be found by clicking here.  Theoretical areas of interest to me include utility theory, cost-effectiveness analysis, stochastic processes, Bayesian statistics, and epidemiological statistics. Those who know me won't be surprised if I start looking at applications in sport someday.

 Work Experience: In addition to my academic and teaching experience (seven years), I have also spent a fair amount of time working in industry and government, which hopefully lends to my ability to put things together from within the ivy walls (white pebble and brick, actually), and apply it together for people in the outside world. My experiences include three years as a statistician and database manager for the North Carolina Central Cancer Registry, two years (off and on) as a SAS programmer for PRI Associates, one summer as an economist for the Research Triangle Institute, one summer as a researcher for Hannaford Bros. Co., and a year as an internal auditor for Key Bank of Maine.