Using Technology to Teach Statistics - SJMA 2004/NCTM 2002

Dr. Chris Lacke - Rowan University

Java Applets and Sites with Teaching Resources and Useful Links (hardly an exhaustive list, but a good place to start)

Histogram - check the effect of class width on Old Faithful data (Webster West - S. Carolina)

Calculating normal probabilities - just click or slide the boundaries to find the probability of the shaded region

Accurate Normal Calculator - enter the endpoints of the region numerically. (Two preceding applets are demos from Gary McClelland's Seeing Statistics project.

Drawing a Regression Line by "Eye" (Note: Netscape 4.06 or better (contains Java 1.1) to do this) Click the "Begin" box to bring up a scatterplot. Use your mouse to draw a line on the scatterplot. The MSE error is computed (i.e. "average" squared error). Check the minimum MSE and see how close you can get. Click the box to see the least squares line. You can also guess and check the correlation. This applet is part of the Rice Virtual Lab in Statistics.

Influence in Regression - see the effects of adding an outlier to a least squares line. (Webster West - S. Carolina)

CUWU Statistics Web Site (Contains Data Analysis Applet, Guessing Correlations game, Simulation package that allows you to enter your own data (with limitations).)

Rice Virtual Lab in Statistics  (Contains a huge variety of applets, including two used above)

Vestac Java Applets for Visualization of Statistical Concepts (contains many simulation applets)

Robin Lock's Page - Robin is a professor at St. Lawrence University who has given talks on using technology in the classroom.  His page is much more detailed than mine, so I will send you to him instead of recreating the wheel.

Consortium for the Advancement of Undergraduate Statistics Education (CAUSE)

Assessment Resource Tools for Improving Statistical Thinking (ARTIST)

Links to Companies that Produce Statistical Software  (Note: these do not constitute a promotion of these product on my part.  I have my own opinions, but I will keep them that way.  All of these products are used regularly in the teaching and analysis of statistics.)
ActivStats/DataDesk  (Note: The ActivStats CD is also distributed by Addison-Wesley and is associated with some of their textbooks)


JMP  (Note:  The JMP Intro Student Edition is distributed by Duxbury)




SPSS and SYSTAT  (Note:  The SPSS and SYSTAT Student Editions are distributed by Prentice-Hall)

Texas Instruments TI-83, TI-84, TI-89 and TI-92Plus Calculator Series

Download page for software applications (earlier versions of the 89 and 92 Plus did not come with the Statistics with List Editor package preloaded.  This page contains links to download operating systems and applications for the TI Family of calculators) 

My site (in case you're curious)

In case you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me.