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Department of Mathematics Home Page Temple University
Department of Math/CSC SJU  St. Joseph's University
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science Drexel University
Penn Math Home Page  University of Penn
Penn State Department of Mathematics

Math Societies

MAA Online  Mathematical Association of America
SIAM World Wide Web Server
e-MATH Home Page American Mathematical Society
Mathematical Review 1991 Subject Classification

Math people

Prof Bob Busby (Drexel)l
Chris Rorres Home Page
Don Saari's Home Page
Plan Of Doron Zeilberger
Thomas J. Osler
Herbert Wilf's Home Page
Bruce C. Berndt
Richard Askey (University of Wisconsin)

Misc Math Stuff

Solving the Quintic with Mathematica
Example 1


Welcome to MathSource
The CRC Concise Encyclopedia of Mathematics
Eric W. Weisstein


Archimedes Home Page
History of Mathematics
Mesopotamian Mathematics
Excite Search Results for "Babylonian algorithm"

Math constants

Favorite Mathematical Constants
A Common Book of Pi
Pi Pages
Apéry's Constant
37th Mersenne Prime Discovered
GIMPS finds a record prime: 2^1398269-1
Super-Index of The Beta expansion for Salem numbers


Penn Library-Homepage
Rowan University Library Homepage


The United States Naval Observatory
Sky & Telescope: The Essential Magazine of Astronomy


NetCenter Entertainment Channel
AMG Movie Types
Prevue OnLine


Joe Henderson's Running Commentary
LIN-MARK Computer Sports, INC
L&M Computer Sports
Philadelphia Distance Run
1996 Philadelphia Distance Run Search Results